the kya chronicles – BOOK 3


“You want to tell her?” Horace asked.“She’s your friend,” L.T. responded.“We met last night,” I corrected him.After they exchanged another look, L.T. turned to me and leaned forward. “Hmm … how do I say this … me and Horace, we hmm …”“We like having sex with women at the same time,” Horace said like it was no biggie. And it was no biggie to me. In fact, the prospect that I could be the meat in this particular sandwich had me salivating.Kya Garner has been through a lot … of sexual conquests. Most have been deliciously satisfying so she has no reason to slow down yet. She’s young, a recent college graduate, ambitious, and ready to become a contributor of society by getting a real job. So now is the time to really let go, if there can be such a thing with this naughty girl. But a complicated and forbidden emotion threatens to captivate her, transforming her into what no one would expect: a good girl.


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