The Embrace

“Do you like it?”

The anticipation of his response could be heard in her eager lilting voice and he was happy it pleased her to please him as much as he was happy to please her. This is who they were. Givers of love to each other.

“It’s perfect,” he responded and then gave her that delicious nipple hardening smile before he turned back to look out at the expanse of the deep blue ocean in front of them.

As they stood out on the 6th floor balcony of their oceanfront room, their bodies side by side, he admired each detail of God’s love for them to partake in and he couldn’t wait to take her out there come morning to catch the speck of golden light before it exploded and lit the brilliant sky. And to listen to the sounds of the water running over fine sand and earth colored seashells—the smell of seawater filling his lungs on each breath.

Pulling her to his front and wrapping his arms around her soft waist he said,

“And we’re perfect too.” She sighed dreamily and nuzzled inside of the cocoon of his safe and sure embrace; realizing she never wanted this moment to end. Never.

“So what do we do now?” She asked him looking up into his deep brown eyes.

“We love,” he replied simply.

Giggling she turned to him completely and poked him in his hard chest. “Now what does that mean?”

“You know what it means. You knew what it meant when you reserved this suite with a Jacuzzi tub in the middle of paradise island. You knew it meant I would have you in that bed every single day all day long only allowing you to break for a snack and a shower. And to catch the sunrise.” it would be her first sunrise at the ocean.

“Well I’m glad I at least get to shower. Can I get a nap? Can I also soak in the tub?”

“You’ll sleep when I sleep and the tub will be used for more interesting things,” he smirked before drawing her in closer to him.

She wanted every bit of what he wanted and the tease in her wide brown eyes told him so.

“But if you want to do what all the other ordinary people are doing and spend our getaway touring, we can do that too. It’s up to you, darling.”

She didn’t buy it; not him being happy with touring for one moment but then thought maybe she should see. As much as she loved how much he loved making love to her and truly did want to be wrapped around him all week, she didn’t want him to miss out on what this place had to offer.

“I did see some interesting tours we could take in the brochure when we checked in.”

“Then arrange it,” was all he said as he went back into the room.

Turning back to the calming water, she contemplated his response and didn’t want to dismiss it even if she had been ready to ride him slow and hard since she saw that huge king sized bed. He was just trying to give her what she wanted and here she was trying to give him what he wanted.

Smiling, she headed back into the room and found him seated on that luxurious bed, reclined partially. His dark eyes gave away his hunger and his thick hard shaft gave away his desire. “I thought you wanted to tour,” she said just above a whisper while pulling off her peach sundress and slipping out of her flip flops.

“Baby, everything I want to see is right here with you.” She climbed atop of the bed and straddled his waist, her wet and ready body welcoming him.

As she rolled to the rhythm he led her in she whispered, “You’re right. This IS the best thing going on here.”©Aja 2017

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