soulmates SERIES BOOK 4


“There’s a lot my children still don’t understand about the gifts given to the women in my family, but there was a time I didn’t comprehend it either. The consequences of my ignorance and my insolence, still haunt me. “

They didn’t know her story before, because she hadn’t told them.

She didn’t reveal how being so deeply tethered to a man who didn’t take care of that precious connection, had wrecked her body and soul, making it nearly impossible to breathe some days. She didn’t want them to know the ugly parts of her existence; had only hoped to give her girls the good in her, and on that, most days she’d failed.

But so much goodness surrounded her now, by way of self-healing and a good man, Solomon. His love, despite her attempts to keep him at bay, helped to pull her out of the darkness, into the light, and with it, the truth gets unearthed.

The good, the bad, and the ugly lay bare and vulnerable … and so does she.


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