Some Newness this upcoming New Year…✨

This year began with a bang. 

I would be turning forty years old. Completing a milestone year full of triumphs and challenges and on my way to more. The start of 2020 lulled many of us into believing it would be just a regular year, but not long after celebrating being forty and fine, 2020 showed its ass and I had to put away my celebration and just be thankful to be alive. There was fear put into our hearts, there were shutdowns around the world, and there was … is  … a disease running rampant this year. Let’s not even talk about how people have suffered financially.

We’ve endured through the majority of it on a wing and a prayer. And by “we” I mean only those of us still here, able to speak about it right now. Many of us did not make it to this moment. Many of those we loved, and those we don’t know, succumbed to the plague that has tormented us since March. And yet, I found hope. You found hope.

I’ve been able to spend the majority of my days this year with my family right here with me. We’re no longer coming and going. We’ve been surviving and ultimately, thriving, together. In addition to that, I’ve been riding a creative wave; releasing six new titles and two previously released bodies of work. I’ve been on fire, and you’ve been there with me, reading, commenting, reviewing, sharing. I also won two awards for my endeavors. Thanks for your votes and for your confidence in me.

Thank you so much for all that you’ve been and all that you are.

As I go into 2021, prayerfully with my health and my family intact, I hope to find you still on this journey with me … in health, in love, and in happiness. I have so much more to do and more to offer you that you’ve not seen from me before. I’m excited most about that: impressing you with some newness.

Here’s to overcoming 2020 and entering some newness in 2021!



If not, now’s a perfect time. We’ve laughed and cried with all of these characters and I’m so proud of each release.  Click the link below to visit my Amazon page and check out all of my books. 


This year, I was also the recipient of 2 awards by Building Relationships Around Books

I won the Beverly Jenkins Author of the Year Award, and Rafael and Zena from “Deep In My Soul” won Couple of the Year!

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