four20 BAE


Have you ever met a man who sets your soul on fire… and you also happen to hate him too? Yes, no, maybe? Well for me, that man is Zaire Booker. I can’t stand his guts, and yet I crave feeling his large hands roam all over my body nearly every moment of every day.

Professionalism and passion intertwine as Zaire Booker and Nala Jackson offer therapy to the patients who depend on them at Higher Pathways Counseling Center. Zaire, accustomed to taking the unconventional route, finds himself intrigued by Nala’s adherence to traditional methods. Meanwhile, Nala, who loves following the book, struggles to find a diagnosis in the DSM V for what burns inside her for Zaire.

In the battle between professionalism and passion, Zaire and Nala are discovering a whole new world of ecstasy. As they explore the depths of their desires, they realize that love is the wildest therapy of all.

Four20 Bae… When couples burn together from one end to the other. Make sure you check out all the stories in this multi-author series.


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