Mystery, crime, and grit surrounded his family, often bringing power-hungry enemies right to his doorstep. Never one to back down from any opposition, he often stood victorious. But this new threat is something different and not at all one he is prepared for until an old love comes to save him.

Elijah Lewis aka “Smoke” has to decide what to do with the gift of knowledge he’s received. Does he deliver more pain to the people responsible for trying to take him out, or does he take well-meaning advice and get out of this line of work? For people like him, there were only so many places he could go and the top two were: to jail or to hell.

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He was his daddy’s son.

Eli “Maestro” Lewis has prepared himself to run the kingdom of Smoke Enterprises. The plan was to allow his father time to rest and live out his golden years with his new love, but someone wanted his father back in the game, and his father, Smoke, was all too happy to show Pittsburgh how he earned his name. They said where there’s Smoke, there’s fire, and now the city was up in flames. Eli had major problems with that. For one, his pops shouldn’t have been running around the city like he was Shaft, risking his life and all he worked hard for, and two, he was more than capable of handling all this trouble on his own. If only his pops would let him.

Being the prince wasn’t always easy, and neither was finding love during a war. But he’d deal with all that. Like he always did. That’s how he earned his name.




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