Love Taps

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Sometimes you’ve got to fight for love …

Jackson Knight was a wet dream and I feel like I’ve known him my whole life.
Francine "Frankie" Waters only wanted three things in life: to be a female boxer like Laila Ali, to marry Jackson Knight the cutest boy she knew, and to have his babies. So far those dreams have not come true but her late father may have willed her with more than his gym called Taps. However, the inheritance comes with a stipulation she thought she would never have to deal with again.
Jackson "The Punisher" Knight was known for a couple of things: knocking out his opponents in the ring and loving on Francine outside of it, but years ago both became a thing of his past. His future however, seems to be pulling him back into the world of boxing and into Frankie's fire which he never seemed to mind until he got burned.
Can redemption be found between these two?


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