I Am Yours

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You can’t run from love …

Amara Harper has a problem; Noah Farrington. Well not exactly. I mean, he is the love of her life. Passion-filled days and nights are all she can think about when she is close to him. But so is fear. Fear of him taking her heart and ripping it to pieces-- so she decides that leaving him and his love for her alone, is the best thing for her.

But love is a mercurial thing, it has a way of pulling back up to you when you think you have deserted it, which is what happens when Amara finds a reason to work with Noah on an upcoming project at work.

Things that complicate this even more? Keith her current boyfriend, and "the past" which she seems to want to also run away from as much as she runs away from Noah. Can Amara overcome her fears and give into what makes her feel whole? Can she finally begin to trust the love that Noah has always had for her?


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