L.S. Bergman on

Good Old Soul

This author’s writing is layered and sensual, good music always vibing in the background, the sexual chemistry between these two simply… ‘HOT’

Edwina Putney on

Aja The Writer

In my opinion, she is proving herself to be among the best of the next generation of Black women’s fiction writers.

Victoria Kennedy on

Love’s Required

She delivers again…with grown love, between grown folks who are ready to find their truth, despite its obstacles, and who are ready for love.
Angelia Menchan on

She’s Got Soul

Aja has once again written a romantic story with believable and authentic characters. She delved into the soul and heart of this couple and showed how love blooms and grows with trust and nurturing. And as always there is the fiery passion.

L. S. Bergman on

Love Taps

I love this author’s imagination, the way she weaves her sensual sexy stories.

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