Nameless Couple in Paradise -WIP


I’m in the middle of too many projects for this to happen to me but it has. Some nameless couple has appeared and taken up space in my thoughts, sometimes in my dreams and have forced me to tap out a few of their moments on the keys in front of me. They aren’t very loud. In fact, they are mellow and quiet and if you know me, you’d know that is the best way to reach me and reach me, they have. They are passionate, full of life and soul. They make me want to abandon all my other projects so that I can spend time with them finding out what they will do next. I know love is involved but what else? I’m not sure, I just know that flashes in time have come to me so strong that I lent my words to share those flashes with you. For now this project is “The Nameless Couple in Paradise” but likely will take on another title as I wrap up my other commitments.

Find the snatches in time here:

The Embrace
After The Sunrise