Love’s Required excerpt- WIP

Love's Required Cover-Final

Love’s Required will be coming this year . . .

A little under an hour later Logan Graham and Noah Farrington sat side by side discussing the events.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, man. I mean I couldn’t believe she was out like that.” Logan had been trying to wrap his brain around it all from the moment he realized that this wasn’t a normal call he responded to. Cami was full spirited, vivacious, always smiling and if not smiling, intense. Beautiful. And yes, a little screwed up. Something he could tell just by looking at her.

He officially met her for the first time during the rehearsals for his boy’s wedding. He was struck by how beautiful she was but at first thought she was as . . . intense as Amara was. But after the wedding when they took the photos, she was the silly one. Making jokes and not doing what the photographer asked at all. He loved it. So naturally he’d hope that they could share a few playful moments before they headed back to the winter drear in Pittsburgh but as they talked at the bar it became clear she was preoccupied. Constantly checking her phone; frowning whenever she saw something she didn’t like. So he moved on a found a willing tourist to spend some time with.

“I don’t know everything but I know things have been rough for her lately. Sometimes my wife goes into another room to talk to her. I hear her soothing voice like she’s trying to help Cami through something monumental. But Amara is private and I respect how protective she is about her closest friend so I only ask is she cool? And she’ll say she will be when she learns.”

“Learns what?”

“Hell if I know. We are talking about women, Lo. What man you know that can figure them out?”

They both sat back in their seats at the same time probably contemplating the point. Logan was the first to speak up.

“I think with lots of listening and maybe with the understanding that it won’t make sense, we can make sense of it.” He looked over at Noah who just stared back at him with a blank expression. Then they busted out laughing earning a scowl from Amara who was still pacing in her jeans and one of his white v-neck undershirts she liked to confiscate from his dresser drawer every chance she could get.

“I think you need to go and comfort Doll. You know how she can get when we huddle together for too long.”

“That’s only because you used to call her Misery.”

“And how does she know that, huh?”

“It’s called pillow talk.”

“Yeah well, you don’t sell out your homies when you trying to get laid while lying on your pillow.”

“See if you saying that when your woman looking at you all smoky-eyed and wet from hours of loving and asking you for your secrets.”

“Too much info, man.”

“You went there.”

“And you’re a punk.” Noah didn’t deny it, he just looked at his beautiful wife as she took a call on her cell phone.