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How I Create A Story

My stories have a way of popping up out of nowhere. They are inspired by something that’s happened in my life or maybe a movie I see or a question that is asked of me and a character wants to answer. I see my characters first before I hear them. I’m very visual which is why on social media I display a lot of art and I think my characters know that and appeal to what I can see of their story before they begin telling me their story. I start to ask questions about them and what they want from me. What is it they’d like to share, and after a few things are clear to me I start an outline. My outline is a living thing, constantly evolving, but the structure it provides helps me to keep pushing forward to end.

Getting to the end is sometimes I challenge. I don’t start off writing fast. I take my time getting to know my characters, but once I know and understand their motives and their story, the words flow like a river. I can write my books in a month’s time but it usually takes a month to warm up before I get to the place where I’m ready to run through it like that.

Music plays an integral part in my process. I love music. It inspires my stories greatly but I generally don’t write to it. Mornings are when I drink my cup of coffee while I deal with emails, social media posts, and phone calls. During this time is when I play my music. Once I am done with those tasks and once my brew turns cool, I stop the sound and start typing.

I aim to work on a chapter a day. And though I sometimes skip around to attack the chapter that matches my mood that day, I prefer to stick to linear writing if I can help it.


With all that being said, you’re probably curious as to what’s next?  Deep in My Soul is the 2nd book in my Soulmates series. You can read a little bit about it and pre-order it HERE.

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