Bright Light – Inspirational Message

God Is Love

July 29, 2013

Inspired by my husband’s words of encouragement this morning. . .

Just like the sun’s beautiful and bright rays cause you to shield your eyes against the harshness no matter how amazing its majesty, when your spirit is bright and beautiful expect people to shield themselves from you.

Some would have you to believe that you are the problem because of your beauty. Your smile is too wide and your teeth too crooked or not white enough to show off in your pictures or in your interactions. That you chatter away needlessly and your friendliness is a sign of weakness and ditz because in order to be grounded you need to shelter yourself and detach from your surroundings. That you contemplate too much about things and calculate your actions when you should just live and let go. And the big one is that you ask too many questions and actually care too much about the direction you are going in. Your light is too bright for them.

It’s too bright and their light is dim. Matter of fact, some have lights that flicker on and off and the intervals where it’s off have actually gotten longer over time. You may not even be aware that they even have a light. It doesn’t seem like it when they are telling you to stop smiling, to stop talking, to stop asking questions and go somewhere else with your mega-wattage light.

I’m sorry but my light comes from my Source. He has given me this brightness to shine and brighten some dank, dark places I may have to go to. He actually expects me to keep my light turned on no matter the time of day.

I am friendly despite my undying need for solitude because He didn’t put me here on this earth alone. If it were intended for me to be by myself all of the time, He would have given me my own world and all the rest of the outgoing people, their own place to get along. But because we were all clustered together, I figure He wanted me to find a way to communicate and in doing so shed some of His light when I do. And I am to ask questions when I see you are attempting to lead me astray and to take my light elsewhere when you can’t give me a good explanation about our course.

I smile because I can. I have no reason to be sad and no I don’t smile all day but sometimes I know my smile is needed. I apologize if you’re not ready for it and need to shield yourself from me because of it. And as shy as I am, occasionally I chatter away. Once again, I have been directed to shine on others with my words whether written or orally and when I have been directed by Him to do so I answer the Call. I won’t have my light taken away from my own stubbornness.

I can’t help if my wattage burns at 100 when yours only burns at 40. That’s not my fault and I’d implore you to talk to our Maker and ask Him for more light, and trust me, He is waiting for you to do so. Then my rays won’t scorch you. No, we’d reach more dark places together.

When your light is bright and beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you to turn it down. Know that God has made you this way because He wants you to touch those that don’t burn as bright. Some will cower in your presence to shield themselves from your rays; they may even tell you ugly things to convince you that you aren’t full of light at all. But don’t be discouraged. Be encouraged and let your Light shine.

Thanks Hubby for telling me what I needed to hear this morning.


30 thoughts on “Bright Light – Inspirational Message

    • Amen. You knew where I was going. Thanks LV. Some are not ready to really hear it. Those that are will hear it in the words “spoken” and those that are not. And you have. 🙂

  1. Lamaas Bey says:

    Love your words….beautiful! Let your like so shine that the world can see the almighty through you! People love the dark and when the sun shines in the dark they comprehend it not….let’s continue to let our light shine bright!!


  2. Cassondra Wynn says:

    Well spoken Baby Gyrl, this is what I needed to be reminded of in this sea of darkness around me. This is my motivation today to remain steadfast, and to continue to let my light shine bright 🙂

    • I love you Ma. And let it shine. It was your light that helped mine to shine even brighter. So if I can give it back to you, I am blessed.

  3. Alonzo Murphy says:


    This so up lifting. I thank God for the gift that He has given you. This truly ministered to me.

    God bless you and keep writing.

    Rev. Alonzo Murphy, Jr.

    • Thanks Rev. Murphy! I’m glad that my words can uplift you the way yours does for me each Sunday and during the pouring in sessions with you and Lyron 🙂 God Bless you!

  4. Lyron says:

    Very inspiring words my dear. The Lord has truly blessed you with this great talent. Continue to use it to shine your light upon others. You have been my light of joy and hope since the beginning and I pray it never fades. I love you always.
    – Hubby

  5. ARDENE ROACH says:

    When your light is bright and beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you to turn it down. Know that God has made you this way because He wants you to touch those that don’t burn as bright. Sis, this is deep! So true to you! You are shy but I know a different side of you and a bright light is the perfect way to describe my SIS!!! I also love that you always tell me about my light and when it is off, you always flick it back on or give me the motivation to flick it myself! Its amazing how you put it into words!!!!

    • Okay- you made me cry Sis! I didn’t know that’s what I was doing. You are my sister so I was showing my love for you the way women are supposed to. We should lift up not put down. You are one of the brightest of people I know :). Love you.

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