Amara’s Freedom: A Weekend Away (I Am Yours)


Amara’s story has been removed to become part of a larger project. Stay tuned for details.


37 thoughts on “Amara’s Freedom: A Weekend Away (I Am Yours)

  1. ARDENE ROACH says:

    You know me very well!! you also know ME VERY WELL ;-)!!! I really enjoyed this! I LOVED THE PART ABOUT SPOONING!!! I am blown away by your talent, I was ALL IN!!!! Great job Sis! I WANT MORE!!!! He didnt have a name ..right…so I can name him shoulders!!! No something NEW…lol!!

    • You can give him any name you want to give him. LOL. I’m glad you enjoyed Sis. It’s always so hard to put it out there but when someone says they liked it, I can breath a sigh of relief. Thank you 🙂

  2. Deloris says:

    Aja ,you knocked it out of the park young lady this is a very hot story , its also romantic and sweet.. I can’t wait to see what you write next.

  3. All I can say is…..dammiiitt. That was hot, erect, milky moist and everything else in between! Imagery was on point, storyline superbly executed and one of my favorite line about the tongue dancing around the bud? Sheeeeeyiiiitttt! (in Clay Davis from “The Wire” mode. I need a strong beverage now. Kudos Aja! One love. –CHAM

    • Thank Cham! You have me grinning. I appreciate that because well, I’ve read your poetry ummmm, pretty hot too. Thanks again for reading.

  4. Oooohhh Aja that was really, really hot!!!! My favorite part?: “It was at that moment I can see how women found themselves falling in love with a man just because he turned them out. I however, was not mistaking this feeling for love. But it was a rather strong emotion and because human beings aren’t nearly as creative as we’d like to think love just happened to be the word we used to describe any feeling that felt good” that was brilliant and SO true! Keep on giving us what you got Aja!!!!

    • Thanks Sabrina! Yeah, I really like that part too. There was a message there. It’s not love but it’s strong emotion. Big difference. Thanks as always for reading, giving me feedback and encouraging me.

  5. vassar says:

    Fanning….. that was so sensual hell I need a cigarette and I stop smoking 4 years ago. It was something there other then them coming together for just that moment in time…. Loved
    it was ready for a Book

    • Ha! I’m glad it gave you that experience and trust me when I say, I felt the same way as I wrote it. Thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback. Maybe it’s the start of a larger project. We’ll see.

  6. DeeDee says:

    Oh my, that was HOT! This is my first introduction to you, and I’m impressed! Probably not the best idea to read before going to a funeral, tho…LOL!

    • Probably not DeeDee but I’m happy you enjoyed your introduction to me and my work. Make sure you follow me to see what else is in store. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi, I’m a great fan of Keith Thomas Walker and I had to read your story because HE posted it. To me that says a lot and I was NOT disappointed. The story was great, the love scene awesome, and the intimacy breathtaking. I truly enjoyed it!

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading Beulah and I’m glad that you enjoyed it! I am also a Keith Thomas Walker fan and felt extremely honored that he would post my story on his page. Follow me to keep up with anything I may publish in the future.

  8. Holly Price says:

    Aja, you did a heck of a job here! This is superior work; keep it up and get your book out there. It will be worthy of a one-click moment!

    • Thanks Holly!! I’m working on the book. It looks like I’ll also be working on sharing more of Amara and her lover soon too. Stay tuned and thanks for your support.

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