The Vignettes – Written By Deep


Chance encounters, stolen moments, whispered moans. These people are not supposed to be together but when passion comes knocking, they are too weak to resist answering. Deep is in charge of telling their stories.Heaven:Dahlia and James share more than a fondness of hot tea. Find out what happens when they both need more honey to sweeten it up.My Fantasy:Candice needs a shoulder to cry on and her best friend Diane is all too happy to lend hers but Diane and her husband, Beau, share more in common than Candice knows. The both have a fantasy and Candice has the starring role.Teacher’s Pet:Lana needs some one on one tutoring and Professor Alonzo Preston is all too happy to assist. Find out what kind of notes Lana makes to get to the head of her class.These stories were previously published separately.


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