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I was recently interviewed and during that discussion, we touched on how embarrassing it can be for authors to refer readers to our backlists. Especially the way back in the back backlist. But when I reflected on it, I told the interviewer, “Those books are a part of my story. I am a story.”

Interviews have a way of bringing out things my books will never touch, so despite my shyness, I do them and enjoy giving you a glimpse of me and my story.

Literary Discussions

I get requests to discuss my career, and my books, and I take every opportunity I can to give you a glimpse of Aja.

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KDP University @home with Aja

July 2021
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BB Series Discussion Soul Love

July 2023
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Brown Book Series Discussion of Slick

Enigma Series Discussions

The Enigma Series has been one of my most thrilling writing experiences. Being able to discuss the experience was a blessing. Check out these discussions.

OAugust 2022
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Smoke Book Discussion

february 2023
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Maestro Book Discussion

July 2023
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Slick Book Discussion


 Check out some of my earlier podcast discussions.

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Sistah's Place Author Spotlight

Chatting about me and what inspires me to write my stories.

October 2020

Conversations w/ SapphireJ Blue

Part 1 of our discussion about She’s Got Soul and my Soulmates series.

October 2020

Conversations w/SapphireJ Blue

Part 2 of our discussion about She’s Got Soul and my Soulmates series.


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