The Universe I Created

Everything comes together in the shadows of The Enigma World

enigma world:
Where it all began

It began with one saving the freedom, and life, of another. And Friendship was born.

Jimmy Engram was a long-time friend of Elijah “Smoke” Lewis. After Smoke ran into his Tailor Shop looking for a place to hide from the police, Smoke found himself not just indebted but found himself a friend in an otherwise cold world. Jimmy’s wisdom and loyalty proved valuable to Smoke over the years, and because of this, Jimmy’s death is the catalyst for Smoke raising hell in the City of Pittsburgh.

Recompense went both ways…

Around The Enigma World

Club Passion

Gentleman’s Club

This club first appeared in Smoke. Was also in Maestro & Slick


Barber Shop

This shop was first appeared in She’s Got Soul. Was also in Smoke & Maestro.

The Uptown


This Lounge first appeared in Smoke. It also showed up in Maestro. 

Malachi Montgomery

In the wake of his father’s illness, Malachi, the eldest of his siblings, must step up and run Montgomery Law Firm.

In Slick we discover that Malachi is more than meets the eye. He, like Slick, is unconventional and not at all what others would expect. The expert litigator loves his gangster rap, loves eating her on the kitchen counter, and enjoys seeing her riding him with her knife strapped to her thigh. You loved him, and you’ll see him again when we get deeper into the lives of The Montgomerys.

  • Mercurial and observant
  • A protector & advocate for the underdog
  • High sex drive. Playful & Seductive
  • Sensitive & moody
  • Loves great food and & experiences that inspire him.
  • When in love, he’s fixated, intense, &doesn’t see anyone else.

Taraj Ferrell

He’s a musician with his head in the clouds half the time. He’s avoiding his father’s legacy for as long as he can manage.

In We Are One, Raj needs to be rescued from a bad business deal which they wanted blood to allow him to part from. His family, which now includes Maestro and Slick, come to save him but the future must see Taraj set on a path where he can create his own peace—moments where he saves himself. Stay tuned for more on Raj.

around enigma world

“Somebody always wants to shoot some dice, buy some pussy, something.”

Smoke got out of the drug game early on. It wasn’t for him. But he found other creative ways to make some cash. He had various businesses around the city that offered the players of the underworld their pick of pleasure.

– Smoke

around enigma world

“Can’t put all our eggs in one basket. Got to have clean money too.”

Smoke was a smart businessman, and got into real estate by buying up properties in his community and making them into money-making establishments that benefited his people. After he grew success there, he purchased commercial real estate properties along with residential ones to diversify his financial standings. Because of this, he had safe houses around the city which were featured in Smoke, Maestro, and Slick.

– Smoke


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“In my opinion, she is proving herself to be among the best of the next generation of black women’s fiction writers.”– Edwina Putney

Writing these stories have unearthed a part of my creativity and artistry that I was unaware of. I love the Enigma World and plan to keep creating within it until I’ve given these characters everything I’ve got.

Aja, Author of The Enigma Series