Tori Clark knew at a very young age that she’d have to make sacrifices to reach her goals of becoming one of the most trusted Pediatricians in Pittsburgh. Tori didn’t have the luxury of partying, traveling, or even falling in love. But she did in fact fall in love with Christian Powers, a man going through his residency training right alongside her. They were both among the best and brightest stars in their program with very few chances to take R&R, but somehow they managed to sneak in a few moments that brought them closer together. It was with Christian that Tori learned to laugh, and how to cry out in pleasure. When Tori receives a reminder of what her first passion is, she decides to break things off with Christian to preserve herself and her life goals.

Years later, Christian, now a top Pediatric Intensivist, returns to the place of his residency, not only for an opening at the Children’s Hospital, but also for a second opportunity at love.

Warm up your holiday with this hot second chance romance.

Tori Clark first appears in For Once, however you can enjoy her story without reading it.


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