Breaking Her Rules




So that happened and afterwards, when he was on his way home from their house, he sees bright orange to his right. When he looked a little more closely, it was Savanah, looking more like the Chaka he met on the island almost two months ago. He would not miss the opportunity to talk to her while she was relaxed like this. Her hair was out and all over her face, her skin glowed in the sunlight and she was wearing adorable little tong sandals.

He pulled up beside her.

“Are you lost?” He teased.

“No, I’m looking for my cat.”

He looked at her strangely, but didn’t remark, just invited her to get in so they could search for the cat.

“You look pretty,” he remarked after a few blocks of silence. The way the compliment was issued made her blush, if blushing was something she could actually pull off with her complexion.

She turned to him and smiled, “Thank you, Joseph.”

“You can go back to calling me Joe, Savanah.”

“Okay, Joe. Thank you.”

“Why aren’t you relaxed like this any other time?” he asked.

“Well, I’m usually at work when you see me.”


It was clear that he liked the woman he met on the island and Savanah wasn’t sure if that meant he didn’t like the person she was here in Pittsburgh.

So she asked.

“You don’t like who I am here?”

“I do, but I do miss the time we shared and would like to have that time again. If you were down for it.”

She was down for it all right; she just knew she shouldn’t be.

“Come on. It’s just us and work is two days away,” he coaxed with his grin and those dimples. He was so damn sexy.

“Okay,” she said on impulse, choosing to forget about her rules and about the lost Dorothy. That cat would find her way home…again.


It wasn’t that she was expecting him to come around the vehicle and open her door for her, her legs just couldn’t move for a moment. She’d been so caught up in their conversation and not wanting it to end that she hadn’t realized that it was about to be dusk outside. However, as he opened the passenger side door and offered her his hand, just looking up at him, allowing her gaze to lazily travel up his body to his face, the time of day didn’t matter.

What mattered was that she’d been denying herself him. She had denied herself all the things that right now seemed so imminent. His hand worked as did the arm that instantly threaded around her waist when her feet met the curb.

“I thought you needed some help,” he said with a smirk. She was growing to love his smirks too. Love. Did she just say love? Oh goodness.

But as they made their way to the porch and he started to move her towards her door with her key in hand, she heard the meowing. He was already kissing her on her neck and kneading the flesh of her behind, so she had to pry him off of her.

“Come on, Savanah,” he practically whined.


Seeming as if she were crazy, she tilted her head from side to side to see if she could hear it again. Then it came again, meow, which had her rushing off of the porch to follow the sound to her backyard and there on the back steps sat Dorothy, perched and licking one creamy colored paw. The cat looked behind Savanah, which let her know Joe had followed her back here.

“I guess you didn’t have to worry about her at all, huh?”

“Nope, I was just thinking she would find her way home.”


Breaking Her Rules

© Aja