After The Sunrise

Later that day, after an intense bout of lovemaking where he showed her the wonders of how else his talented tongue can be used to make her toes curl, they relaxed on their balcony— sitting in their chairs sipping ice cold water and sharing their dreams.

“You see that house over there,” he said with his long finger pointing out at a two story bungalow facing the beach.

“Yeah,” she responded. She was so satiated that she barely looked at the light blue house with the white storm shutters less than a block away, before her thoughts took her back to not too long ago. Her mind had been blown away by some of the things he explored with her for those hours after they watched the sunrise. He had kept his promise of only allowing her breaks to snack and nap when he napped and so far, napping had been out of the question.

What had started as a quiet intimate moment shared between lovers turned into stolen hot kisses and rubs against his hard length that by the time they made it back to their suite, she was panting and he was ordering her to quickly undress and get into their walk-in shower with six pulsing shower heads. As steamy hot water pelted down their brown skin, her hands were splayed against the marble tiles and his hands held her hips in a firm grip keeping her from melting and falling to the floor of the stall. His well-timed thrusts sent her keening and arching back against him, allowing the water to wash down her face; into her open mouth and against her swinging breasts. As he grabbed one tender globe, she reached back to grab his firm cheek to feel him tense and release on each pump; exhilarated by the slapping sounds of the splashing water. The shower didn’t take long because as soon as she tightened around him crying out his name, he led them out into the bedroom where they dried off and he placed his mouth in delicate places no other man but him had ventured before.

“Are you listening to me, Beautiful?” She looked over at him and smiled, giving away how she hadn’t been listening at all. Just remembering the almost sinful pleasure of what they had done made her shudder.

“I am now. What were you telling me?”

“I wanted to show you the house I’m going to buy you,” he said simply. His words made her give the house her full attention. It was large enough for them both and for their needs. It was in a place she could only dream of living full time. But she would not point out that a home at this location would cost more than both of their annual salaries a year. No; she wouldn’t do that because that’s what dreams were for and she knew that if anyone could find a way to make their dreams come true, it was this man. Besides, she had already proclaimed that this would be their vacation spot every year when they could get away.

“Me too.”

“Shade,” they said at the same time making them both smile.

Still smiling he said, “Yeah and a breeze.” That made her remember earlier; him blowing his cool breath against the wet stinging pebbles at the tips of her breasts.

Crossing her legs tightly, she asked, “When do we move?”

That made him sigh and sit back. It was almost funny to watch the transition from his previously excited and erect state give way to reality and resignation.

Or so she thought.

“If all goes well, after the next sunrise . . .”

© Aja 2016

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