Who is Aja?

I am many things to many people but when I sit down to write, I am being true to myself. I encompass all that I am to others and who I aspire to be for me and I let that pour out into my words.

What drives you as an author?

Life is constantly moving and I like to capture it.

My characters constantly inspire me to live my life with passion and with love. I live what I write and I write what I live.

I’d be lying if I said, that I didn’t write for my readers. Surely I aspire to tell the stories my heart wants me to tell but I also hope that it connects with you and you’ll let me know. If you’re not sure where to start, shop around and see what might be where we start this journey together.

Faces of Aja

A woman. A lover. An author.

No matter how you find me, you’ll find me with love. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and creative. Love is always with me and I hope you find that out when you read my stories.

The Story

About Smoke

Mystery, crime, and grit surrounded his family, often bringing power-hungry enemies right to his doorstep. Never one to back down from any opposition, he often stood victorious. But this new threat is something different and not at all one he is prepared for until an old love comes to save him.

Elijah Lewis aka “Smoke” has to decide what to do with the gift of knowledge he’s received. Does he deliver more pain to the people responsible for trying to take him out, or does he take well-meaning advice and get out of this line of work? For people like him, there were only so many places he could go and the top two were: to jail or to hell.

The Enigma Series is a new crime romance series by Aja. Visit to sign up for her newsletter for more updates.

“The only way to do this thing I’m doing is with passion and sharing all the love I have inside of me. That’s what I feel when I write, that’s what I give when I write.”


Author of The Enigma Series

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