A Good Morning

My favorite time of day is morning. Early morning before he awakens. I like to look at the planes of his face, the sharpness of his cheekbones and strength in his jaw as he rests. The curve of his lips that I love to kiss. I love to listen to him breathe, knowing life still moves in and out of his body; giving me another day to be in love with him. I love the silence that surrounds us in those moments, knowing that it signals a clean slate and no matter what yesterday was like, today will hold new lines added to our story.

I love to watch wakefulness take over and the stretch of his big body that is followed by a yawn before brown eyes open to settle upon my face. I love watching him come back to himself, leaving the world he spent the night in, and realize I’m here with him and the look of pleasure that passes his features with the revelation. I love being the thing or person he is happy to see as the dawn breaks. I love him reaching for me to show me his appreciation letting me know there is no other place for me but right here with him.

“Open up,” he whispers to me, the warm air caressing my ear as he hovers over me, his head in the crook of my neck.

I comply. Not just by parting my thighs but letting him into my heart.

The day has begun and I’m still in love.

© Aja

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