The Christening

“So what do you think?” “I think you did mighty fine. Mighty fine. This is perfect.” And it was. Plush grass, big beautiful palm trees lined the property providing protection from the bright hot sun. Protection they were taking advantage of— him with his back against the tree and her leaning back into him from between his long legs— as they listened to the sound of the tide. She’d never tire of that sound; not for as long as she lived. When he surprised her with this beach house, she’d thought he was playing around; convinced that there was no way that their vacation spot could turn into a secret hideaway they could run to anytime they wanted. But he hadn’t been playing—in fact he was nothing but serious. Having already taken care of some of the preliminaries, they were able to finalize the sale quickly, leaving her to wonder how in the hell he could do all of that without her detecting it. But would she complain about this man’s ability to keep the most beautiful secret? Absolutely not. They’d been making love all day, all night, and had barely eaten the groceries she insisted they buy in order to avoid having to go anywhere just so that she could show her appreciation. “You’re daydreaming again. Aren’t you?” “It’s hard not to in a place like this. Matter of fact, I think you may have made a mistake buying this house. Now I’ll never listen to you when you talk.” Giggling followed as he tickled her sides, forcing her to pull away from their protected space from under the tree. Smiling, he stayed put, looking so relaxed and sexy, his current spot was in danger of being christened. Who cared about twigs, and dirt and bits of sand cutting into your knees when you could ride your man hard and fast then slow and carefree to the sound of ocean waves? She sure didn’t.
“You look like you have a plan,” he murmured but he obviously knew the plan because as she moved closer to him, he began to unbuckle his pants, sliding them down just enough that when she straddled him, he was erect and waiting.
“I always have a plan, when it comes to you,” she breathed out as she slid her wet sheath down and around him.
“Oh really, and what might that be?” He husked out the question.
“Loving you.”

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