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Kya Garner is back and ready to take on Corporate America.

She has a summer internship in which she is determined to become Morgan, Tesson & Associates’ brightest star but if there is a way to mix business with pleasure, Kya will surely find it. Being fully awakened to her sexual power, Kya attempts to figure out exactly what to do about it and with Ray no longer readily accessible, that leaves her with a lot more time to play; in and out of the office.

Office Intern – the second book in this series – explores what happens when a young woman has taken her sexual journey to the next level.


What was it about a fine black man in a suit and tie that made me clench?
I mean, it couldn’t just be any shirt and tie considering suits were all I spent my time around these days. At Morgan, Tesson and Associates, the dress code was always professional with the exception to the company’s casual Fridays that most didn’t observe and neither did the summer interns.
To my dismay, the interns never had a reason to have much contact with Mr. Macklin since Shannon did the supervising of interns; but today, I had been called in to speak with him about the project I just completed. Which was why I was wondering how I would keep my fast ass seated instead of jumping onto his lap to ride him.
“Kya Garner, 3.8 GPA, active member of Sigma Eta Xi, entering your senior year at the University of Chester. That’s quite impressive, Ms. Garner.”
“I’m glad I can impress you, Mr. Macklin.”
“Call me Josh, please. Everyone else does around here,” he said, reclining back into his black leather executive chair. A chair big enough to hold us both up if only he’d allow me to show him.
“If it’s okay with you, sir, I’d rather not. I respect people put in positions of authority. Call me a good girl … in that regard.”
He stared at me for a while, his dark bedroom eyes quickly shifting to my crossed thighs before returning to focus on my warm face. Though I really wanted to unbutton my blouse just to cool off and to give him something to really fucking look at, I resisted and remained well behaved.
For now.
“A good girl, huh?” He chuckled, but those eyes shifted to my cherry painted lips.
“Yes, sir. I know how to be good at everything I do. Which is why I’m so glad to be working under you, sir. I feel I will do my very best work with you to guide me through each and every step. Don’t you, sir?”
I watched as he shifted in his seat, the only sign that my words might be having any effect on him at all.
“I believe you’re right, Ms. Garner. Shannon mentioned that your insight into the microfiltration project was masterful and I thought maybe you needed to advance ahead of your peers for the remainder of the summer.”
“Thank you, Mr. Macklin.”
“You have another four weeks in the program and due to me shifting some work to George in his new role as Project Manager, it’s freed up a bit of my time. So, I’ll be able to work with the brightest star on our associates’ team … one on one.”
With my pulse racing, heart thumping inside of my chest, I bit my bottom lip out of excitement, not at all anxious. This was perfect.
“That is if you’d be interested, Kya,” he went on to add.
Hell yeah, I was interested in any and all one-on-ones with this fine man.
“The opportunity sounds too perfect to pass up. I’m all yours for the next four weeks, sir.”
“Good girl.”
I really wish we could get started right away.
But be a good girl, Kya.


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