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Even after two years, I still loved being around him which was why I was excited to get home to him. Home. Home had become a blend of his house and my house. We spent most of our time together although it was mostly at his house, because he tended to cook more and we’d eat, sit in front of the fireplace, sip wine, listen to the oldies, talk, laugh and make love.

Even after all this time, he made me feel nervous around him and by nervous I mean, he made me feel like I felt in the beginning. Never sure how to be with him because he was so spontaneous, honest, raw, silly, funny and so damn fine that I still got wet when he called me in the middle of the day.

But it’s not always been easy. There have been challenges that we overcame together because we both decided to grow up a little. Me, I became less rigid and accepted fun in my life, which he is always full of; him, he became more patient.

There was a time when I thought I would have to dropkick a few chicks from his past, but I’m happy to report that no blows were thrown. I managed to hold onto decorum. Like when Lisa was over his house when I arrived one evening. Roman told me that Lisa was a friend and only a friend, but I knew better. To me, Lisa seemed like the type of chick that stayed around much longer than she was welcomed. In fact, that day she was not invited, according to Roman, but she showed up anyway. They were talking when I arrived to spend the night.

Before Roman could tell me he had company, I came upon Lisa reclining on the couch where I usually sat and where we made love many times. She looked too damn comfortable, but I said ‘hi’, introduced myself and told them both to have a good time while I went to his bedroom to unpack.

See here’s the thing, Roman was not going to tolerate me going all psycho on Lisa; not in his house. So the best route was the high road. I claimed my territory and let her know I wasn’t threatened by her being there. And I wasn’t threatened … okay, maybe just a little, but the fact was, I didn’t like her there. And Lisa left not too long after I left the room, because I think she realized that she could no longer have the friendship she wanted to have with Roman.

Women keep at least three or four options until they get married and even then, she still has a couple just in case shit doesn’t go well. Later that night after Lisa left, I was quieter than usual and Roman knew it had to do with Lisa. So he asked me straight up, what was wrong. I said nothing, but the truth was I was pouting over the fact that he allowed another woman to come over unannounced.

You see, to me, it had nothing to do with a woman per say, just that she seemed to have privileges reserved only for me, or so I thought since he used to trip about the idea of women showing up like they belonged there. He claimed that she had a man.


That’s what I asked him, “And?” and he said nothing.

So yes, I was a bit spoiled. I admit to that. I was feeling a certain kind of way despite the front I put on for him and Lisa’s benefit. Roman knew it too. So in no uncertain terms that night, Roman made me see that I was his one and only woman.

He started to undress me as I pouted. Even if I was determined to stay a little ticked, I let him pull me close. I let him love my negative feelings away.

His lips and his kiss were hot and demanding. My lips opened beneath his, taking his tongue deep. He tasted incredible, like he was mine, made just for me. He explored the inside of my mouth with slow and sensual strokes, licking and tasting me until I moaned with pleasure. He sank one hand into my hair, while his other hand held me tightly to him. I gasped, feeling his hard erection nudge me between my thighs.

When Roman shuddered, I knew I wasn’t alone in how intense this moment was. With a rough sound, he seized me and lifted me onto his lap to straddle his strong, muscular thighs making me grind, writhing against him. Roman groaned, his voice harsh and ragged. Cradling my face in his big hands, he kissed me hard and hungrily. I kissed him back with equal fervor, afraid to even breathe and lose this groove between us.

As his lips moved across my cheek and down my throat, my head fell back and my eyes drifted closed. He kissed my neck and suckled the pulse at the hollow of my throat, while his hot breath caressed my skin and made me wet with his tongue.

His lips trailed a path down my chest to my breasts. He pressed them together with his callused hands, drawing both nipples into his warm, wet mouth. I cried out, heat flooding me, my swelling clit making me grind harder against his dick. He used his tongue, lips, and teeth to tease and torment the tips of my flesh, causing my spine to arch and my hands to grip the back of his head, holding him tightly against me.

“Oh God Roman…” I whispered, aching for more as desire pounded through my body.

In one fluid motion, he had me on my back and covering my body with the weight of his. His heart beat hard against mine, and his breathing was as rapid as my own. I looped my arms around his neck as he leaned in and gave me his tongue to flick and them I opened up more for his ravenous kiss. Reaching between our bodies, he cupped my wet sex. I moaned, arching against his hand and opened my legs. I wanted him inside me, wanted him to assuage the urgent, pulsing ache between my thighs. When he lowered his head, flicking his tongue over my breast, I whimpered his name.


“What do you want, baby?” he murmured, the deep, masculine timbre of his voice vibrating through me. He blew gently on the swollen bud of my nipple, and I shuddered in his arms. “Do you want me?”

“Yes,” I breathed. In one thrust, he was inside of me thrusting hard and deep. He was relentless.

“Don’t ever question whether I love you or whether you are the only woman that I want or have ever needed in my life. You hear me, Maya?” Each word punctuated by a deep thrust.

Because I hadn’t responded, he hit it harder.

“Understand, Maya?”

I nodded, my breath too labored to speak, but that was enough for him to be satisfied. He kissed me again, pumping in and out, with no mercy, giving it to me how I like it. Before I knew it, my body started to warm from the inside out. My womb clenched hard and then released in spasms around his hot length. We both screamed out as we came together in a rush.

So anyway, after that night, Roman and I seemed to have a smoother time. The women of the past stopped calling, Lisa mysteriously became ghost, and he and I had peace.

Be With Me

By Aja and Roy Glenn


© Aja Graves 2016

© Roy Glenn 2016

She Loves Words Publishing


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