Sensually Erotic Interview with Aja…


If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it. — Anais Nin


Many of you may not know this but I used to interview authors quite a bit before I picked up my pen for serious. One of my co-interviewers was Deloris Harper and we worked hard to make the chats we ran, interesting, engaging and of benefit to the people with the pen. So, it’s quite an honor for Deloris to shine some light upon me, asking me a few questions about what I do. Please continue to read what I like to call me sitting across from Barbara Walters but this lady is much more beautiful and so dear to my heart.


1. As an avid reader, I have noticed most authors have their own writing style. How would you describe yours?

 It took me a while to figure it out Deloris, but I’d say my writing is sensually erotic passion mixed with realistic, and soulful interactions.


2. Wow that’s a mouthful Aja! How do you go about writing a story like that? Where do you get the inspiration to write sensually erotic passion mixed with realistic, and soulful, interactions?

 Inspiration for me comes from life and art, music, and my own interactions with people and with the man that loves on me. I take all of that, which is stored in me and write the stories that my characters want me to tell.


3. Can I test you on your writing style? Let’s say I give you an object and you make it sensually erotic passion mixed with realistic, and soulful, interactions. The object is a key, but this is a two-part question. First make the key sensual as you do when you write. 2. Tell me how that key could play into the sensually erotic passion of one of your books?

 I may be cool to touch on most days since almost no one thinks to warm me up. I’m hard, unyielding and only created to serve someone else’s needs which I do gladly time and time again without any praise for getting the job done. But Friday he treated me differently. I felt him reaching around for me, the sounds of his frustration palpable with each huffing breath he took but then he located me. His callused brown hands rubbing over me and clutching me tightly as if I saved his life. The time spent in his palm was glorious. Warm, intoxicating and then he placed me in a pocket of fabric close to his chest which kept me in my current heated state. The silk of his shirt caressed the metal of my skin and I shivered as I moved to some destination. If only he could touch me again like I mattered again. A few moments later, I got my wish. He kissed me, the soft texture gliding against me before he placed me into the lock which I quickly disengaged from sheer joy. And then I was tossed on a hard surface again. Cold, unneeded…discarded until I have a purpose again.

The key description could easily be a heroine from one of my stories until she finds the love of her life.


4. When did you know you wanted to be a writer? Did you know what kind if stories you wanted to tell? When did your writing become sensual?

 By the time I was six-years-old I knew I wanted to be a writer but I also wanted to be a neonatologist. I pursued a life in medicine until my sophomore year in undergrad. By then, the struggles of organic chemistry convinced me that maybe being someone’s surgeon wasn’t for me though I probably could have stuck with it. I was taught I could do anything I put my mind to but the lack of passion I had for it was the answer I needed to change my path. Writing didn’t come back into my life until about 4 or 5 years ago. That was when I started to share my words and a few years later I was writing a book for completion.

I didn’t start off knowing the stories I wanted to tell. I had always been a short story writer and most of those stories came from sparks of inspiration. Usually love was involved and maybe the implication of sex but as I became more woman, and my experiences became more adult, sensuality which is embedded in me, came out in my words.


5. Who was the first character who caught your attention? When I ask that I mean, what character did you feel the need to expose how sexy he could be and if it wasn’t the male character which female?

 In everything I publish, I focus on the woman. I always want her to be my story because it is within us as women, that we attract the right or wrong man for us. So I would say Amara was the woman that caught my attention first in a way that I wanted to expose her layer by layer. And boy, did she have some layers. In her innermost deepest layer was a highly sensual, sexual, sensitive, intensely loving and vulnerable woman and I love her for being her.


6.Three men walk into a bar; you see them — you feel a connection to all three. Of course these men are Roman, Noah and Joseph. Each man offers his own kind of sexy soulful erotic magnetism. Tell us what attracts to each man individually?

 Roman- His confidence-borderline arrogance. It’s sexy on him and it makes me take notice of him when no one else would likely stand out like that, without saying a word. I’d want him to tell me what time and where to meet him.

Noah- His smile, slow, easy. His ability to approach me with something witty and stimulating would be all I would need to want to sip my drink slowly so that I could catch every word he drops as we talk. He’d likely get me to go out with him later.

Joseph- His boyish charm, but intensity that says there’s nothing young about him would have me wanting to dance all night with him and when he grabbed me by my waist to pull me close to him, I’d want to go with him wherever he takes me. I’d trust him for some reason.


7. Amara, Savanah and Maya are out for ladies’ night; men see them and are drawn to their sensuality, what specific thing about each woman has men eating out of their hands?

 Maya- How well put together she is. From her looks, to her quick come backs, she’s the type of woman that could bring a man to his knees. He should have a cushion to soften the impact.

Amara- Her cat eyes, lush lips and soft curves makes them come to her like bees to honey but once they are talking to her they realize how brilliant and intelligent she is. They could talk to her for hours and not get bored.

Savanah- She screams sex. Long sexy legs, deep dark brown skin that illuminates from within. Her laughter tinkles and kicks men in the gut. She is freedom and they want to experience it with her.


8.The males are the star of the show in romance novels, but it’s important to make the women memorable too; how have or how do you plan to make your heroines memorable?

 The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is write the story my characters tell me, the way they give it to me. If I stay authentic to who they are, flaws and all, whether anyone likes the people they are, matters less than me being genuine. Do readers connect because they see a bit of themselves in the flawed character and that brings about emotion? Likely; and that is art for me.



You can connect with Deloris through A Place For Books book club on Facebook. And you can find me just about anywhere doing what I do…

If you enjoyed this interview, say so… until next time. Live and Love.






















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