Here is a sample from Be With Me, Roy’s and my latest release. If you are familiar with Maya and Roman from Unexpected, you’ll find them now in a 2.5 year relationship and extremely happy. It seems… But it wasn’t always smooth sailing.



After a while, drama like that was no longer an issue, my former female associates stopped calling, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the last woman that Maya had to endure. There was Lisa.

Now I’ve known Lisa for years and over those years, she and I have been varying degrees of friends, but there had always been a physical attraction that was just beneath the surface. We met when I first started working at Abraham, Hall & Associates; Lisa was already working there. She’s an accountant as well and a damn good one, but Lisa is a free spirit who likes to come and go as she pleases and will quit a job and go do something else at the drop of a dime. I remember one afternoon, Lisa called me and said that she told her current boss that she was going home to take a nap and would decide whether or not she wanted to work there anymore.

Anyway, like I said, Lisa and I had varying degrees of friendship; from work friends, to hang out partners, to past occasional fuck buddies, to the best of friends, which is the space we occupy now and have for some time now. In fact, prior to Maya, Lisa was the only woman that ever violated my no unannounced and uninvited visitors at my place rule. Which got to be very interesting a few times when she dropped by unannounced and uninvited while I had company, but that is a story for another venue.

Anyway, a couple of weeks after Tammy, Lisa made one of her unannounced and uninvited visits to my house to announce that she had finally married her longtime boyfriend, Tony. So picture this, she and I are sitting back having a drink, listening to Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, A Night in Tunisia CD. Lisa had come out of her pumps, made herself comfortable and I’m telling her about this great new relationship that I’m in with Maya.

“You’re right, Roman, Maya sounds wonderful,” Lisa said and genuinely seemed to be happy for me which honestly surprised me a little since she never seemed to think any woman would manage to scoop me up.

“She really is, and the best thing about Maya and I is that we get each other and we allow each other to be who we are. We accept each other for who we are and more importantly, who we aren’t.”

“You really do love her, Roman. I can hear it in your voice and I can see it in your eyes,” Lisa commented.

“I do. I can honestly say that she is the best thing that ever happened to me,” I said and the doorbell rang.

I got up to answer the door, thinking about what I told Lisa about Maya and how perfect we are for each other. When I opened the door, there’s Maya.

At first, my tongue was tied and she looked at me, waiting for my usual response of pulling her in for an embrace and then dragging her into the house to make love to her, but seeing that I had company, I kissed her before pulling back.

“You gonna let me in or just stare at me until I get tired and leave,” she teased.

“Come in, smarty pants.” I kissed her again before closing the door behind her. She did what she always did. Moved towards the bedroom quickly to drop off her bag, not giving me a chance to prepare her for the company I had.

I heard her say, “Oh,” and then Lisa said, “Hi, you must be Maya,” as I was rounding the corner into the living room.

“I’ve heard so much about you. My name is Lisa.”

Maya held her smile in place, but I could tell by her eyes that Maya was more than curious about who Lisa was and I felt horrible for not mentioning her before since we had started sharing everything after our break up and make up. But honestly, since Lisa had moved into the friend stage, I forgot about her. Yeah, men sometimes will forget they have a female friend especially if we’re not screwing her anymore.

Once I explained that Lisa and I were old friends and was sure to say that she stopped by to announce her recent marriage to Tony, Maya said, “Cool. Why don’t I get settled in for the night while you two talk?” And then she moved on.

She effectively let Lisa know a couple of things. You can sit here on that couch with your feet up all you want, but I’m the one that will be here with my man long after you’re gone. And two, that she was not threatened. We could talk all night long, because she had shit to do. And that incident said a lot about the type of woman Maya was: possessive, but secure. Committed without being obsessed. Maya was all of that and for a man that doesn’t like being pinned in, it worked for me.

And maybe that’s why it’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had with a woman.


© Aja Graves 2016

© Roy Glenn 2016

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2 thoughts on “SAMPLE SUNDAY: Be With Me

  1. frances m Bennett (MICHELLE ) says:

    I just read unexpected and be with me I luved them both.You guys did a good job
    I hope to hear more.I have a few questions
    1 will stacey get a story
    2 will anita get a story
    I would like to know how roman and maya lives are

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me what you thought of both Unexpected and Be With Me. Stacy is the star of the next story in the series and Anita will likely appear in it too. I really like both ladies and want their stories to emerge. If you don’t mind, please leave a review on Amazon? I could use it. Thank you!

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