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“I’ve heard so much about you. My name is Lisa.”
Maya held her smile in place, but I could tell by her eyes that Maya was more than curious about who Lisa was and I felt horrible for not mentioning her before since we had started sharing everything after our break up and make up. But honestly, since Lisa had moved into the friend stage, I forgot about her. Yeah, men sometimes will forget they have a female friend especially if we’re not screwing her anymore. Once I explained that Lisa and I were old friends and was sure to say that she stopped by to announce her recent marriage to Tony, Maya said, “Cool. Why don’t I get settled in for the night while you two talk?”  And then she moved on. 
She effectively let Lisa know a couple of things. You can sit here on that couch with your feet up all you want, but I’m the one that will be here with my man long after you’re gone. And two, that she was not threatened. We could talk all night long, because she had shit to do. And that incident said a lot about the type of woman Maya was: possessive, but secure. Committed without being obsessed. Maya was all of that and for a man that doesn’t like being pinned in, it worked for me. And maybe that’s why it’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had with a woman.

Be With Me
Available Now!


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