Be With Me- Excerpt- Chapter One


Chapter One


“Mnnnnn,” he moaned as I continued to work my mouth up and down his hard length, slobbing and bobbing and working my jaw as if I could get a promotion for such talented work. But the truth was, I just loved the taste of having him in my mouth. I know this might lose me some cool points amongst women everywhere, but I loved this more than his deep penetration of my body.

I know, it’s a shocker, but being dicked down comes a very close second, mind you. I mean, having him balls-deep inside of me as he’d been before the sun broke the night before, was just sublime, but this is what I enjoyed most. The look on his face, the intensity in his deep brown eyes as I worked my way down his body, the catch of his breath as I hovered over his hard flesh, teasing and taunting him with what’s to come. The way his eyes rolled back in their sockets when he’s fighting for control as I pull him into the hot sheath of my mouth, and I begin to pay homage to the man I love.

I know I’m good at it. While I may have always enjoyed the act before with him, for the past two years, I’ve learned important things about him. Learned how to take him where I want to take him, and I serve it like a menu, each day and night. Roman can have it differently without even asking, because I know what to offer him based on our moods.

Mostly mine.

His hand palmed my head, holding me tightly to his tensing body as I worked, signaling he was close to letting go if I would just speed up a little and because he made me come so hard this morning, I decided to end his torture.

A little later that morning, while I was making our breakfast, Roman took a shower. I had already been in and out of the shower, to allow him his long hot shower in peace while I started on the Denver omelets. Just as I finished placing the food on the plates, he walked into his kitchen, dressed in his suit and tie, looking every bit as delectable as he tasted earlier.

“Stop it, Maya. I’m not going to make it to my nine o’clock with you looking at me like that.”

He might have said it playfully, but his eyes said differently. Roman’s eyes said that he liked how I made him shake and convulse, grabbing my hair caveman style before I immediately straddled him, rocking on top of him until we were both too spent to move. The look in my man’s eyes screamed that it wouldn’t take much for him to forget breakfast, bend me over this counter, lift up my lounge dress and take me like he knows I like to be taken.

But okay, I’ll behave.

I had things to do too and wasn’t going to get them done if I begged him to fuck me harder like I had earlier. So I smiled back at him, and allowed him to kiss me before he went and sat down at the table, checking his email on his phone. I said nothing as I took a seat and waited for him to finish saying grace before digging in.

This omelet is damn good, I thought.

“So what’s the meeting about anyway? You seemed so intense when you spoke about it being called at the last minute.”

“Yeah. I’m not even sure that this is what the meeting is about, but have I ever told you about Idea Solutions?”

Thinking about it, I said, “No, I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned them.”

“They’re the parent company of Lancaster Steaks.”

“Oh right, me and Stacy used to eat there all the time. The food was good and it wasn’t that expensive for lunch.”

“The company is owned by a quote, family values Christian couple, Curtis and Clare Timmons.”

“I see.”

“They’re not extreme like some of the companies that you hear about on the news that discriminate against people for their lifestyle choices,” Roman chuckled. “Curtis is too much of a businessman to let his personal views interfere with him making money.”

“Can’t let that happen. Money reigns supreme for most people.”

“And that list would include Curtis,” Roman said as he nodded in agreement. “But he does insist that the people working directly with them share his values.” He took a bite of his omelet. “This is good,” he said with his mouth full, not noticing me smiling at his compliment. I loved that he liked my food when he let me cook at his house. He always said this was his castle and he was the chef in it.

“Anyway, a few years … I guess it’s been five years now, the firm was working to earn their business. He and Clare met with the entire staff and once they had, it came down to me or Jake Tyler to handle their accounts.”

“I think I see where this is going.”

“Maybe not. They invited each of us to spend the weekend with them at their house outside of Akron.”

“Hmmm. And how did that go?”

“It went well. Curtis and I got along great; turns out, he’s from Detroit too.”

“Really. That’s a nice coincidence.”

“He grew up not too far from where I did. Naturally, the neighborhood had changed by that time. And that’s what we talked about, how much the city has changed over the years.”

“I imagine that it did change a great deal. Not much unlike inner-city neighborhoods all around the country.”

“And his wife, Clare and I,” he paused like he was thinking deeply about how to describe her. “She is an amazing woman.” He smiled. “We’d sat and talked about everything, from the Bible and her love for Paul’s epistles to being a closet Beyoncé fan, from her views on gay marriage to her wild college days.”

“Seems like a great interview, what happened?”

“The following weekend, Jake goes out there and he took Yvonne and the kids with him. In the end, they went with Jake, because he was married and they thought that was more reflective of their values.”

“They discriminated against you because you’re single.”

“Yeah, but I got a call from Clare. She called because they agreed that I should hear it from them. She said that I was her choice but like I said, in the end they picked Jake to handle the account.”

“Well, when it really comes down to it, it worked out as it should have. You’ve landed some big accounts that have pushed you ahead some and given you those billable hours without Clair and Curtis. Not to say that where you are, is where you must remain, but hopefully you get my point. I do have to ask though, what does that have to do with the meeting?”

“I’m glad you asked, lovely lady, because we are just getting to the juicy part of the story.”

Laughing because I thought the story was already juicy I said, “Okay, lay it on me then.”

For a moment, his eyes went dark as if he was remembering how he did lay it on me this morning. I smiled and looked away, waiting for him to continue.

“Turns out that, shares-our-family-values Jake was having an affair with Amy Stewart.”

“Who’s that?”

“She was their shares-our-family-values personal assistant.”

“I’m sure she was all too happy to assist with all his personal matters, huh?”

“Yep. She got pregnant and it was Jake’s baby. Her husband got a blood test when the baby was born with red hair just like Jake’s. Test came back zero possibility that the husband was the father.”

“That sucks.”

Roman nodded before continuing. “Both Jake and Amy tried to keep it from Curtis and Clare, but they did find out about the baby, and now they are threatening to pull the account. I know Alan and John were on a conference call with them most of the afternoon before I left.”

“So you think that’s what the meeting is about?”

“It might be, but I’m not ruling out it being about redistributing the work after Fred Tapper quit without notice. The meeting is probably about how we are being impacted by it. I was told not to worry, so I’m not going to worry. But you know that I’ve heard that before.”

“I know,” I reached out to grab his hand before he could reach for his cranberry juice, “It will be okay.”

“Everything is always okay in the long run,” Roman said and it seemed that my reassurance did little to get rid of that look on his face.

The tension around his mouth that I thought I could remove when I took care of him this morning was back. I wouldn’t push. I knew better than that so I listened as he talked about how recently his firm’s Senior Accounts Manager, Dana Morris, had gotten on his nerves with an assignment that wasn’t originally assigned to him but he’d be responsible for it anyway. I listened to him speak calmly about it although I knew he was stressing over it, because not once did he ask about my plans for the day like he usually did before he kissed me and left out.

I cleaned up the kitchen and then went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth before going to his room and dressing in the last of the clothes that I brought with me when I arrived a couple of days ago. The turquoise wrap dress fell right above my knees and with the black patent leather wedge heels on my feet, I looked every bit of the cute and professional accountant I had turned into. I’m sure Stacy would be proud of me when I arrived and saw me dressed chic like she had been trying to get me to do for years. I had hoped Roman would see me before he left since he said he loved this color against my skin, but this morning had been a little different. We didn’t leave at the same time since he needed to be in a little earlier to prepare for this meeting. I’m just glad we had time to make love.

So after I dressed, I grabbed my overnight bag and left out, making sure to engage his home security alarm and locking up the way he showed me.

I arrived at work by nine-thirty and was sitting in front of my computer looking at my tasks for the day when Stacy stepped in the door, glowing as if she had gotten some that morning too. I didn’t really want to know those details, so I wasn’t going to ask.

“Good morning, Stace.”

“Morning, Maya,” her singsong voice making her sound every bit like the recently laid woman I thought she was. “You look great, girl. Did you get that dress while you were out with me last week?”

As if I didn’t know how to buy one item of clothing without her.

“Nope, I got this all on my own. I found it on the site that sells dresses at close to wholesale prices. I can share it with you—”

“No, thank you,” she interrupted. “I like to shop at retail price. It makes me feel, I don’t know, like I’m accomplished or something. One of these days I’m going to get you to lighten up.”

“I have and you know it,” I laughed at her. She was a mess. How was wasting money, lightening up? I guess it was, as in lightening up your money.

“I guess so,” she looked at me like she was inspecting me for lint before carrying on. “So you got some this morning, huh?”

“That is none of your business, Stace!”

There was no way I was telling her how Roman had me clawing at the sheets before giving in and grabbing his ass as he thrust in and out of me. Damn that man knew how to work me.

“You did. I can tell. Looking all shiny in the face.”

Because of her antics, I was now reaching for my compact mirror in the top drawer of my desk. Once I had it in front of me, I wanted to deny her point but yes, I was shiny and not even wiping my face with Kleenex was helping.

“It’s called a glow, Maya,” she said sounding very amused on my account which perturbed me. “If I didn’t know you like I did, knowing you calculated your most fertile time of month like clockwork, I’d say you were pregnant, but I do know you better,” she added as I started to dry cough, “So it’s just bomb sex.”

“Yes, it’s just bomb sex,” I wheezed out.

“So now that we settled that, let me tell you about my bomb sex last night. Remember DeShawn that I met last weekend when I went out with Cathy, the one that can’t dance. I don’t know how I thought I could go out with someone that has to count to stay in rhythm. Well anyway…”

Stacy went on about her time out with Cathy, but how the only bright spot was meeting a fine dude that she had already told me about last Monday when she made a similar stop in my office. Once she got through what I knew already, she shared how he invited her over for dinner and when I thought I might hear about how he fixed her a meal worthy of five-star restaurant placement, she went on to say how he laid out a menu full of toe curling, orgasmic samplings. By the time she was through, it was eleven AM and I hadn’t gotten a damn thing done, so I scooted her out of my office by lying and saying I had to go to the bathroom. I loved the girl but I had work to do.

But when I returned and checked my phone, I saw that I missed a call from Roman so I returned his call before doing anything else.

© Aja  2016

© Roy Glenn 2016


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