Breaking Her Rules

Her hips moved on their own accord and when his large hands held her to him, where she could feel the hard length between their bodies; her breath caught in her throat.

The vibe was hot between them. Both of them knew it; neither needing to say a word.

Finally, skipping the pretense that they didn’t know where this was leading, he asked her, “Would you like to come to my room?”

There was only a moment’s hesitation on her part. The moment she needed to decide whether he would be the exception to the rule she created about one-night stands. It only took that one moment to decide that he was worth the risk.

He wants what I want.

She responded, “I have an even better idea…let’s make it mine.”

© Aja Graves 2016


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You’ll meet Savanah Burnett and Joseph Farrington; sizzling in paradise.







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