“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.” ― Suzanne Weyn

Those of you that have been following me or know me may know I’m an introvert. I sometimes say I’m shy but reality is, I can be outgoing if needed; it’s just not what I want to be. I like my time to myself and I don’t usually make small talk or tell things about myself that are unnecessary for the purposes of filling in space with groups of people.

Recently, folks at my day job found out that I’m a writer and it’s been a conversation starter since then. Folks I don’t even want to have small talk with want to talk about what I write, and all my writing habits and I have even had the embarrassment of an old director of mine opening my book up here at work and randomly selecting a page to read. It had the words nipples and *uck on it. I assured her that the second word was only for keeping in character and she wouldn’t find it anywhere else in the book but I was mortified because the first word would most certainly be found all over the place even if I’m using euphemisms in place of it.

What I do is fascinating to them. Not as much to me because I’m living my dream now; not dreaming about it. So no, not as fascinating until I’m speaking with someone that has that same spark in their eye I’m sure I had once. I recognize it when I see it and then I start my sales pitch. The one that encourages them to live out their dream. To pick up their pen or tap those keys. And most of the time I get a shy smile, not unlike the one I used to have and I get the feeling they won’t be having small talk with me ever again. But every little once in a while, there’s one that is so inspired by my success and I use that word loosely (because success in this world of mine is writing every day or finishing a chapter, or finishing a book. It has nothing to do with my sales reports or popularity amongst fans and readers even though that’s nice; trust me). But they are inspired and they take that step. They sit down and write, all because I spoke up and came out of my shell for a moment and let them see that inner light in me that comes from many things but most certainly comes from me living my dream and being who I am. A writer.

I received a text today from a person who retired from my company recently. I provided services to her and her team of employees and she was one of my favorite managers to work with. I mean, I really liked her so when it was her last day, I gave her a hug and she handed me two Solid Gold Soul vinyl records. Yeah, she has a sense of humor. . . . though I’m wondering how I can get a record player from my mom? Anyway. . . I got a text from her saying, “Check the paper. The editor published my letter.” I read it and wow. She’s a writer too.

Inspire folks . . . Inspire.


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