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With a few presses of buttons on his console, James Brown’s Please, Please, Please poured out of the speakers.

He made a turn at the intersection, his large hand gliding against the leather of the wheel. Something about him controlling the vehicle with ease was not only soothing but made me think of all the delicious ways he controlled my body in the past. In fact, Noah had the ability to control me, if I’d let him but that was out of the question.

I squirmed in my seat, hoping to relieve this persistent ache with the friction, but knowing it was futile. Nothing but him being buried inside of me would do.

When we stopped at the red light, I felt his gaze on me. I peeped him from the corner of my eye and could see his attention on my bare thighs. I resisted the urge to open them for him to slip his hand inside to stroke the wetness that was there for him.

Please, Please, Please James Brown begged.

When we pulled off, I heard him groan before feeling his fingers begin to do the thing I’d been fantasizing about. His palm grabbed my thigh and squeezed it before quickly pushing my dress out of the way.

Before I knew it we were pulling over to the side of the desolate road. Instead of telling him to stop, like I should have, I watched as he pushed my thighs apart and then I became his look out to make sure there was no one coming down this stretch of highway.

Why would I want him to stop? Why stop the man that has given you the greatest most fantastic feeling over and over again? Why stop the man you were designed to be with but were too terrified to stay with? No, you don’t stop him. You assist him. You spread your legs wider and scoot forward so that he can pet it like you’ve been missing.

Soon he discovered I had on no panties, something he requested I not wear in the past, then he slid his finger along the seam of my slit as I started to writhe in the seat. Hell no. I wanted – – -no, needed this. No stopping it.

© Aja
I Am Yours
Coming in January

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