The Writing Process Blog Tour


What am I working on?
I am currently working on I Am Yours.

It’s an erotic romance about a woman, Amara, afraid to lose control with the man that she’s loved for years. She does everything to avoid what’s inevitable but a project brings them close together and the wheels start to turn. The only kink, besides the kink between the sheets, is that she is practically engaged to a man she’s been playing it safe with.

How does my release differ from others of its genre?

I’m not sure if it differs much from other erotic romances; there will be love and plenty of hot sex but what does differ about my brand of romance in general, is that it’s real. You can expect that whatever happens in the scene is something I’ve either experienced or I know is possible for regular folks. Even if the heroine did something completely stupid, it’s the kind of stupid thing that real people do. There’s no fantasy here only that these people will most likely make it- flaws, stupidity and all.

Why do I write what I do?

I write it because it comes to me with enough strength that I can’t ignore it and writing is my way of expressing it. Characters have a way of making me stop what I’m doing and sharing something they are up to. I pay attention long enough to gauge whether they deserve their own story or whether they are there to help me with another. Lately, my characters are involved in sticky love situations but I have other genres waiting to flow out of me.

How does my writing process work?

After I receive enough from the character and that one poignant scene in my head, I think about the rest of the story, if there is one. I jot down all of what comes to me and work on organizing my thoughts. Most of my process is in my head. I am currently working on developing a better outline plan, including character outlines, because it became necessary for this particular story.

My tag picks are:

Michele Kimbrough, Author Allyn Lesley, and Melissa Blue

Author of Unexpected


6 thoughts on “The Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. I’m currently working on Women Most Wanted A Collaboration with Elissa Gabrielle. It’s filled with secrets and intrigue surrounding two women who are closer than sisters. They are being followed by unknown people with agendas.

    This release is different because it’s a collaboration and each author writes their chapter based on the others previous chapter. We call it gangster writing.

    I write what I do because I love exposing the peculiarities of characters and allowing readers to relate or think of those components that may reside in them.

    I’m a fast hard writer who writes most days. I love writing. It’s my freedom.

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