Unexpected by Aja w/Roy Glenn is now also available at B&N!


He slid his hands into his pants pockets looking even more relaxed. One thick brow rose, “How do you know what I need?”
“I don’t; not really. Sorry for my presumptions.”
“Lighten up—what’s your name?”
“Nice name, Maya. My name is Roman Newsome.”
“Nice to meet you, Roman.”
“Very nice to meet you too, Maya.” He shifted his weight from one leg to another and then he leaned closer to me. “But like I was saying; you think too much. Anyone ever tell you that?”
I smiled. “Yes, but I have a brain. That’s what it’s there for. Thinking”
“Yes, but you also have a heart. And it’s there for feeling. Use it and give your brain a chance to rest.”

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