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One year ago. . .

I sat at my desk contemplating my intended action. Should I post this? Should I let people into my own private world? They would know too much about me or they’d think they would. Too many words, too many scenarios will be shared if I were honest and raw with my thoughts and with my stories. Can I truly reveal the real me; the real Aja?

I clicked “post”, scheduling it to appear the following day, May 1st. I allowed the “world” to know something about me that had been very private, almost lying dormant inside of me since I was so use to not sharing it with others.

It was scary, terrifying; exciting and invigorating. I was torn between wanting to run away from the computer the following day to needing to check my blog every five minutes to see what would happen with this announcement that the Aja they’ve known for so long to be someone, was actually someone else entirely. She is a writer. And had always been and the ideas that threatened to come out in every day conversations would either bore you, fascinate you, terrify you, make you blush or make you run home to your fine-behind man.

Yeah, there are some stories in me that would do that.

One year ago I was afraid of my own shadow and one year later I am now about to click “publish”.

This is no longer a game. Whether no one likes the stories I tell, whether I receive no positive reviews on my effort; I made an effort. I actually went from dreaming to doing. I created then completed it. I am preparing to let you and everyone know this is not a figment of my imagination.

One year ago tomorrow, I told you “That writer is me. I am a writer”.

Soon, very soon, I will be a published author.



11 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I’m so proud of you Aja! i can’t imagine how scary baring a part of your soul and psyche can be for someone who is such a private soul. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see how your journey progresses! Oh, and please be sure to write and publish one of those stories that will have me running home to my man 🙂 Those are some of my favorite kind – LOL!

    • Sabrina, this has been the one of the most anxiety-riddled experiences of my life. I can’t compare it to any other process in my life and while I want to sleep through it all to avoid this feeling, I also don’t want to miss a beat. Thank you for your encouragement and for your excitement.

  2. I’m proud of you, but I always have been. It’s nice though to see your dream come to fruition. I will continue to support your dreams and aspirations and contribute in whatever way I can – Love Always

    • Thanks, Ma. It all started with you and through to the end of this project you were with me. I appreciate your love and your support of all my dreams.

  3. Deloris says:

    I’m so proud of your confidence and progress you’ve made and I can’t wait to buy your books my dear author friend.

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