I will begin this by saying this is probably one of my more random and personal posts. I know that many of you are waiting for the post that says, I Am Yours or something by Aja is being released. We are drawing closer to that day. Trust me. I actually have a surprise coming.

I’m pregnant. Yep, I said it. I know, those of you- Deloris- have been wanting this day to come but hold on before you start sending out congratulatory comments. I am pregnant not with a baby but with ideas. I’m pregnant with talents, and pregnant with hope. Being the introvert that I am, it is rare that I share all that I am with others so those things burgeoning inside of me remain with me until it’s time to give birth to them. For me to let them out for the world to see.

Think about it. Me be a writer was growing inside of me for decades. I dabbled but never committed. I certainly never put a title to the thing that was inside of me. But there it was- a baby and eventually, like all things, my Creator said it was time. I could no longer hold onto this baby. I had to let her out so that she could reach full potential. So that I could.

But my talents don’t stop there. There are many gifts I possess and I know there will be a day for them all to emerge but what do you do when someone with a keen eye sees the minute changes? They can see your nose spread and your waist widen and your skin glow. They notice that something is inside of you and they want you to spill it. They also want you to hurry up and give birth already? Usually because they can use that talent of yours. And I don’t mean they are predators but yes, they would benefit.

I’m not someone easily rushed. Some may go as far as calling me stubborn. I don’t know about that but I am certainly strong-willed. I think it’s one of my greatest attributes; my ability to stay the course that I’m on even when all else seems to be against me. That includes people. I don’t care if you raise your voice, use mean words, make my life hard, if I’ve made up my mind about it, I WILL NOT BE MOVED. Not until He says so.

Those of you who know me well or don’t know very much about me may have picked up that I am a Christian. It is my faith in Him that provides me with what I need each day, all day long. And one thing I learned some time ago was that I don’t lead this journey of mine alone, The Spirit leads and I follow. I just need to step back. With that reminder, I will wait on The Spirit to tell me when to let go of the babies I’ve yet to give birth to. And those that see my glow and know I have it in me, be excited that I do but be patient enough to know that there is an incubation period that will not end until all the conditions are met.

In the meantime, keep your eye out for what I’ve been working on lately.



18 thoughts on “Pregnant

    • HAHAHA! I knew that would get to you but it was too hard to resist. Seriously though, my friend, God has so much in store for us all. We are all pregnant with something. All I’m saying is watch it grow, and then watch it’s birth. Thanks for waiting.

    • LOL. I knew that would get to you too. You would not learn that news through a blog post! Yes, good things are always coming, everyday.

  1. Venus says:

    Love this post! You have expressed what so many feel. To that, I can only say thank you. Confirmation received, I too am pregnant…with a bunch of stuff OTHER than a baby!!!

  2. This is exciting, Aja! I have no doubt that whatever you have brewing will be awesome! Take your time! Good things come to those who wait…we’re waiting (patiently). 🙂

  3. Ardene says:

    Lol!!!!! Great analogy Sis!!!! I had to laugh out loud!!! So perfect …and knowing the amazing Mother you are …I can’t wait for ur other babies to be born ;-)!!!

  4. LMBO!!! I got SO excited! I’m still excited, even though the babies aren’t human – nonetheless I’m filled with some of the same anticipatory feelings that I would be if they were. I’m excited for your pregnancyand I’m looking forward to seeing your baby – once your gestation is complete….Congratulations Aja!

  5. Lamaas says:

    Looking forward to reading your future work….I’m very proud of you….and love seeing the transformation from the young YMCA girl I grew up with to becoming the beautiful woman you are today 😉

    • Thanks, my friend. We both have traveled far and wide but you’ve been there to see most of it. Can’t wait for what’s next, Elisha!

  6. FIrst, let me tell you publicly, how very proud of you I am. I have watched you grow from a young girl writing stories that I enjoyed reading. I observed you as you would get better each year after attending the Summer Writing Camps I enrolled you in due to the potential I saw in you. It has been a joy to watch your petals unfold from your flower and the fragrance is wonderful.

    Second, I know that you will complete your book in due time. There is always good in patience and as a result, better things come to fruition. I have no doubt that we will enjoy your books (notice I said that in plural) in the future, and I will always be your number one fan 🙂

    Lastly, you and your husband are funny, I’m sure he almost had a Heart Attack sitting at his desk.

    I love you Baby Gyrl.

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