Sneak Peek: Roy Glenn’s Treat Me Nice

Roy Glenn was kind enough to share a little bit of what he’s been working on. Treat Me Nice is scheduled to release November 22nd. For his die hard fans who have been waiting to see what happens next in his Mike Black Saga, the release can’t come soon enough.


Book Description:

As Black and Shy adjust to life in New York with their children and running the legitimate business, there are events unfolding all around them that will once again turn their world upside down.
After the bombing, Impression has reopened for business and Bobby’s problem has returned. Wanda’s reign has been a very dangerous quest to expand her power. Now Wanda is surrounded by her enemies. Carmen Taylor finds that she is in over her head while investigating the bribery of a US Congressman. And that isn’t enough for Black and Shy to have to deal with, Jada West is back in New York. . .

Chapter One
Detectives Kirkland and Bautista were reviewing video that they were able to obtain. “What do we know about this guy?” Kirk asked. Raynaldo Baker was a drug dealer who was now the principle suspect in the double homicide of rival dealers.
“Raynaldo Baker; three arrests for possession of a controlled substance, two more for assault,” Bautista told Kirk.
“Another model citizen.”
“And he’s the good brother,” Bautista laughed. “They say his twin brother was worst.”
“He’s got a twin?”
“Donaldo Baker; still has an open warrant for murder. He fell off the grid eight years ago, presumed dead.”
“Great. Where was this camera located?” Kirk asked.
“It’s at an ATM around the corner from the murder scene,” Bautista answered and continued to stare at the screen. “Freeze it,” she shouted suddenly. “That’s our boy.”
Kirk took a closer look and noted the time stamp. “That’s him all right.”
“That puts him around the corner from the murder scene right around the time of death. I think this is enough to place him at the crime scene.”
“I think we need to pay a visit to Mr. Ray Baker,” Kirk said.
“Let’s go,” Bautista said and grabbed her stuff.
After speaking with their captain about what they had going, she followed Kirk out the door and to their car. On the way to talk with Baker, Kirk noticed that Bautista was very quiet. “What’s wrong with you?” Kirk asked.
Bautista’s eyes narrowed and her accent got thick. “I should be asking you that same question.”
“What are you talking about?” Kirk asked, loving the sound of her voice.
“You. Here lately—these last few days, you’ve been very quiet and distant with me.”
“I didn’t notice any distance between us this morning or last night for that matter,” Kirk said and laughed a little but he knew what she was talking about.
“That is only because you can’t get enough of me,” Bautista said in her sexiest accent.
“That much is certain.” Each time she spoke like that it made Kirk want to pull the car over and fuck her right there.
“But all jokes aside.”
“That wasn’t a joke. I really can’t get enough of you, Marita.”
“I’m serious.”
“So am I,” Kirk said as he parked in front of the suspect’s house.
“Okay. But here lately, unless we are talking about a case, you don’t have much to say to me.”
“Just got a lot on my mind, that’s all.” Kirk got out of the car and started toward the house.
Bautista rushed to catch up with him. “Okay, that’s all well and good, but I’m your partner; both personally and professionally. If something is bothering you, you should share it with me.”
“It’s nothing earth shattering or life threatening, Marita.”
“Maybe not, but if you are distracted in any way it has the potential to be an issue in a life threatening situation.”
Kirk stopped and faced Bautista. “If it gets that deep, I’ll tell you and take some time off to clear my head. But we are nowhere near that point yet.” Kirk turned quickly and walked toward the house. The truth was that Kirk wasn’t getting tired of her. In fact it was just the opposite. He was becoming very fond of her.
That was the problem.
Kirk felt like he had made a mistake by becoming involved with another cop, much less his partner. He thought it was affecting his objectivity and that wasn’t good. He didn’t want to allow their relationship to get in the way of doing the job. He had given some thought to asking the captain to be assigned another partner. But he hadn’t gotten there yet, and hoped he wouldn’t.
When the detectives reached the suspects front door, Kirk banged on the door. “Ray Baker! This is the Police!”
It wasn’t too long after that when the shooting began. The detectives quickly moved to either side as shots were being fired at them through the door.
“This is detective Bautista, I have shots fired at our current location. Requesting back up.”
Kirk waited for a lull in the gunfire before he stepped in front of the door and kicked it in. He went high and Bautista went low as they entered the house. The shooting began again.
Once they were in the house, Kirk saw a man standing in the entrance to the hallway. He fired at Kirk. He dove for the floor and returned fire. Another man was on the steps shooting at Bautista. He fired twice and ran up the stairs. Bautista went after him.
Kirk rolled on the floor to better cover behind the couch and continued taking fire. He came up and fired back; hitting the shooter twice in the chest.
Kirk looked for Bautista. “Bautista!” he yelled and began taking fire. Kirk took cover.
“Bautista!” he yelled again and got no answer.
This is what he was worried about. Getting into a firefight and being more concerned with Bautista and her safety. Then he saw her. She was running up the stairs in pursuit of a suspect.
“I’m all right!” she yelled. “They’re goin’ out the back!”
When the man reached the top of the stairs, he turned and pointed his weapon at Bautista. She knelt down on the stairs and she fired first. Bautista hit him with a shot to his gun hand, but that didn’t stop him from shooting. Her next shot was to the chest.
The shooter went down.
Bautista got up quickly and made it to the shooter. She kicked the gun away from him before continuing her search. Once her back was turned, another shooter came out of one of the bedrooms. He took one shot at Bautista and ran down the steps.
Kirk fired back at the suspect that was shooting at him as he ran for the back door. Kirk observed Baker was in the kitchen trying to gather up the drugs from the table. “Freeze, Baker!” Kirk shouted and pointed his weapon. Baker quickly picked up a gun and opened fire at Kirk. He returned fire. His first shot hit Baker in the face; he shot back. Kirk fired again and hit Baker with two shots to his chest. He was dead.
Once Kirk reloaded his weapon and ran down the hallway, he could see that the back door was open. Then he saw someone run out, Kirk fired, the shooter fired back and ducked out the back door. Kirk went after him, but the suspect was gone by the time he got there.
Kirk started back up the hall, when one of them came running out. Kirk shot him, kicked his gun away, and kept moving up the hallway. Once again, he yelled for Bautista, but she didn’t answer. Shots were still being fired in the house. As Kirk got closer, he could hear footsteps coming down the stairs. When he cleared the hallway, Kirk saw one on the steps. He shot at Kirk, and he ducked back in the hallway. Kirk returned fire and hit him with two shots in the back before he could make it out the door.
There was still shooting upstairs, so Kirk moved toward the stairs. He started up and saw Bautista chasing one down the hall. She stopped, assumed firing position and pulled the trigger. The man went down, and Bautista took cover to reload.
Kirk ran up the stairs and knelt down next to her. “You all right?”
“I’m good. You?”
“I’m okay,” Kirk said and put in a fresh clip. “How many more are up here?”
“I don’t know.”
“Downstairs is clear. One did make it out the back door.”
“He’s dead.”
“Guess that means we won’t be questioning him about a double homicide.”
“Guess not.”
Bautista stood up. “Let’s clear this floor.” Kirk and Bautista searched the rest of the house and found no more suspects.

Treat Me Nice By Roy Glenn © Copyright Roy Glenn 2013


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