Author Sharon C. Cooper’s New Release, Still the Best Woman for the Job and a few answered questions. . .

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Can you tell me a little bit about who you are and how writing became the gift you decided to share with us all?

My name is Sharon C. Cooper and I’m a romance-aholic. I love anything involving romance and a happily-ever-after whether in books, movies or real life. I like rainy days, carpet picnics and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. I write romantic suspense, as well as contemporary and inspirational romance. When I’m not writing or working, I’m hanging out with my amazing husband, doing volunteer work, or reading a good book (a romance of course).
I started writing fiction a few years ago while living in San Diego, at first just dabbling at it. When I relocated to Atlanta, I started getting a little more serious about my writing and then a year and a half ago is when I really stopped playing around and decided that writing romance stories was something I wanted to do long term.

What are some of the challenges you face as a writer- specifically in the romance genre? Have you been able to successfully maneuver around them yet?

I think the challenges I face as a writer are more self-inflicted challenges than anything else. I have tons of ideas floating around in my head, but as you know, not every idea necessarily equates to a good story. So my biggest challenge (at least the first one that comes to mind) is deciding what story to work on next, and then what info to include in the story or what to cut. Another challenge would be time or lack of time to do all that I desire to do with my writing career.

I know that you write romance and romantic suspense, but are there other types of stories you want to tell? Is there anything that holds you back from telling those stories?

My first published novel, Something New, was actually an inspirational and to-date, the best seller of all of my titles. The story is a cross between women’s fiction and romance (can’t seem to shake the romance). I do have some story ideas for more books along that line, but the ideas aren’t enough to carry a full-length novel yet – hopefully in the next year or two.
A few years ago, my husband and I started a non-fiction entitled – Secrets of an Irresistible Husband. He is such a wonderful husband and personally, I think he should share some tips with men /husbands who might want to step up their game – which is how the idea came to be. At any rate, hopefully I’ll be able to share more about that book in the near future.

I really like the idea of you teaming up with your husband on a project. A man’s perspective is vital and probably one of the reasons you write romance so well; you listen to him. Have you participated in any author/reader events? Do you plan to in the future?

I participated in a couple of events this year. One in April where I sat on an indie author panel with Delaney Diamond & Chicki Brown to discuss some of the ins-and-outs of indie publishing. In August, I participated in an indie author book signing at the RWA conference. I don’t have anything planned for the near future. Both experiences were great, but with that said, I’d rather just write than do face-to-face things of that nature. I’m an introvert, but I feel as if becoming a published author is forcing me step out of my comfort zone and coercing me to interact with people more. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (especially since I LOVE connecting with other authors and readers), but I’m most comfortable held up in my home office writing.

How can your readers connect with you when you are not writing a new, sweet, hot story for us to enjoy?

Lol, you’re very kind Aja! I can be reached online via:

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Speaking of a new story, you are actually here to share your newest release, Still the Best Woman for the Job. Can you share a blurb with us?

I would love to! My latest release is – Still the Best Woman for the Job, book 1 of the Jenkins Family Series.

Joint heir to the largest construction company in the state of Ohio, master plumber, Toni (TJ) Jenkins has been groomed to behave in a way that is befitting of the respected Jenkins’ family name. But after she breaks up with the only man she’s ever loved, to protect a secret she holds close to her heart, poor decisions lead her down a path of destruction that risks ruining the reputation of the company her family has worked hard to build.

Cincinnati police officer, Craig Logan, knows Toni is the woman for him. They’ve been apart for months, but when they run into each other at a party, the passion between them sizzles stronger than ever. She says she can’t handle dating a cop, but he senses that something else keeps her from rushing back into his arms. Craig wants her to be his wife, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove no matter what she’s hiding, she’s still the best woman for the job.

She toyed with the napkin in her lap before speaking. “You don’t know what it’s like to watch you leave for work and not know if I’m going to see you later. Wondering whether or not someone is going to knock on the door and tell me that you’ve been killed. You don’t know what that feels like.”

A few tears slipped down her cheeks and the faster she wiped them away, the faster they fell. She had a love-hate relationship with him being a cop. On one hand, she was glad the police force had men like him who truly gave their all to protect innocent people, but on the other hand, she feared for his life daily.

Craig moved to sit next to her, pulling her into his arms. He alerted the server and asked for the check while he gently rocked Toni in his arms.

“I’m so sorry, baby.” He lifted her chin. “I hate the thought of you living in fear because of my career, but you have to understand, I went through the same thing whenever you walked out the door.” He wiped her tears with the pad of his thumb. “I know the evil that lurks on our city streets. I see things on a daily basis that would make you want to get out of town quick or maybe even leave the country. When I show up at a crime scene of a woman who decided to give her abusive husband another chance, then she ends up dead or a woman who has been brutally raped and then left for dead, I know that she could have easily been you. So baby, you’re not the only one who lives in fear.”
Find out what happens next by getting your copy of Still the Best Woman for the Job!

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Aja, thanks so much for letting me hang out on your blog!

Sharon, thanks so much for choosing to hang out at my spot. It was a pleasure having you!



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