Short Story by Aja- Amara’s Freedom: A Weekend Away


Amara lives a life where her responsibilities have tied her down; rarely does she enjoy the time to be sexually free where she can express herself with a man she knows would appreciate it. She’s pretty repressed from what I can tell but has finally met a man she thinks could set her passions loose with and invites him to meet her at a luxurious meeting spot. He has a condition if he does come- she is to give in, letting him have all of her. And she has agreed.

Her narrative is here.

Warning- Sexually explicit. Must be 18 or older to read.


5 thoughts on “Short Story by Aja- Amara’s Freedom: A Weekend Away

  1. Aja, this is the truth and the fiyah! You brought it proper! With this first (of many, I hope) story, you have broken the mold. You are phenomenal in every way possible and it shines brilliantly through the words you have gifted us, your readers with. I am a fan. And right proud of it. Continue on! Please, continue on 😀

    • I am so humbled by your enjoyment of this story Margaret. I know that you understand that feeling of sharing your work and feeling so exposed by it. To have someone receive it well is such a blessing, so thank you. We both support one another in this journey so I say to you, continue on. Continue on!

  2. Reblogged this on Pen and Quil and commented:
    Hello, all!

    Recently, I have had the esteemed privilege of reading a phenomenal short story by the incomparable, Aja Graves. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least and felt compelled to share. Be warned, what follows is for Adults Only. Please be advised. Drop a line for Aja to let her know how awesome this truly is!

  3. Cassondra Wynn says:

    Aja, Wow! I really enjoyed reading this story. It’s always a pleasure to see your thoughts on paper, it shows your creativity has been released and that you are truly gifted. The chemistry between Amara and her lover was truly hot. I wanted to read more about them. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future. Stay motivated and continue creating great writing! 🙂

    Love Ma

    • Thanks Ma! I’m amazed by how much I’ve grown since deciding it was a must for my life. That I must write and I am thankful for the gift you gave me in allowing me to write so young. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Love you.

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