Aja Interviews Roy Glenn, The Master of Urban Suspense and Author of The Mike Black Saga

Roy Glenn

I met Roy a few years ago at the Romance Slam Jam in Baltimore, Maryland. At the time I was waddling around the conference, interacting with other attendees but most of all participating in seminars with talented authors- all while carrying my overactive son, Eli who had yet to be born. But no matter how uncomfortable I might have been, I remember the man with not only the fantastic voice but the passion for writing and talking about it with his readers. I’m delighted to have him visit with me today.

Thank you so much for joining me on my blog, Roy. I had the pleasure of interviewing you recently for a group I admin on Facebook, Writer’s Review & Review Resource Group (WRSRG) so coming up with something new was a challenge but passing up another opportunity to pick your brain was unquestionable. I know a little about your publishing journey from our last chat so I’d rather focus on the writer. Can you tell me who is Roy Glenn is and how being you helps to create the characters and stories your readers enjoy?

That is a hard question, Aja, but I guess the easy answer is that I always was an imaginative child. Being the only boy with two older sisters, I spent a lot of time playing by myself. So, my imagination grew to the point where my imagination was much more fun than real life. Now the child has grown up, but the imagination is still with me.

Speaking of imagination, you’ve mentioned recently that there is a bit of you in many of your characters specifically, Mike Black. From my understanding, Mike can be a cold ruthless killer when necessary although he does have a love interest or shall I say more than one in the span of 22 books. Is that how you identify with Mr. Black or are there other qualities in his character that come from Roy? How much is imagination?

When I write for Mr. Black I get into the character. He is who I would be if I had made certain choices early in life. Some of those decisions were made for me, but I believe it worked out for the best, because I am alive and not in jail. With that said, having been a ladies’ man in another time in my life does inform, but not dominate the character Mike Black.

I’m so much more curious about Mike Black now, I really need to start reading about him from the beginning. Speaking of reading, you’ve had great success in having a following of readers that will faithfully purchase, read and review all of your books and hang onto your every word hoping you’ll reveal a new release. What’s your secret? It can’t just be great writing, or is it?

All I can say, Aja, is that I have been blessed with the ability to tell stories that my readers want to read about. Over the years I’ve created characters that my readers can identify with and have come to love. So, to me, the secret isn’t such a secret. Write good stuff and people will read it. If they enjoy, then maybe I’ll want to read other things you’ve written.

Well, it is working and I wish you continued success. Speaking of your following, what types of events/conferences do you participate in and are you planning to make any appearances in the planned future?

Right now I have no definite plans to attend any events or conferences in the near future; however, I would be interested in making some appearances in the New Year. So, if you hear of some, let me know. If you’re having one, invite me.

If I plan a conference, you are invited for sure. I recently read and reviewed your short story compilation After Hour’s Tales, which I enjoyed. I will admit to being somewhat saddened that not every story ended with a HEA ending (something I enjoy immensely) but you stayed true to what the characters’ and stories’ motivations were so I can’t complain. Can you share what made you publish those stories and whether you see yourself following up with a full length novel particularly with Chris and Brooke?

You did, Aja. In our last interview you mentioned that the thing that struck you immediately was the bass in my voice being very magnetic. That made me think about a story I had written years ago, but never did anything with. So I found it and wrote three other stories to go with it and published After Hour’s Tales. At this point, I have no plans to continue any of those stories, not even Chris and Brooke.

I’m flattered that one of my questions could prompt such a response, Roy. I feel honored, really. I happen to know that one of your mottos is “writer’s write everyday” or something like that. Would that be your only advice for aspiring authors?

To me that is rule one; writer’s write every day. The more you do something that better you get at it. I guess rule two would be stay true to the craft. And remember, you are an entertainer, writing for your readers and not just for yourself.

Excellent advice for writers, so thank you. What are you working on currently and can we expect a new release from you in the near future?

I have four projects that I’m currently working on. There Was A Time, Freeze: The Early Years and Treat Me Nice, which are part of the Mike Black saga. A short story, I call A Love; Without Sex and Sex Scenes, which will be a compilation of some of what my readers tell me are the best sex scenes from my previous novels.

Thank you Roy for agreeing to talk to me about your work again. It’s always appreciated.

Thank so very much for having me, Aja. It is always a pleasure to communicate with you, you are a great interviewer.

Thank you! I looking forward to reading about Mr. Vicious Black very soon.


You can keep up with Roy by checking out his website at http://www.royglenn.net or by connecting with him on Facebook.

Roy’s There Was A Time Freeze: The Early Years was actually released in time for this post. You can purchase it on Amazon or on Smashwords.

There was a time



9 thoughts on “Aja Interviews Roy Glenn, The Master of Urban Suspense and Author of The Mike Black Saga

  1. Hi Ms. Aja and Mr. Roy,

    This was truely a great interview. It was great to get to know a little bit about the man behind the Mike Black Saga, I have just recently started reading them, and I must say, I am truely enjoying them.

    • Thank you for taking the time to check out the interview, Stephanie and leave a comment. I am glad that you are enjoying my work. I write for readers like you, so it means a lot to me to know that you’re enjoying the saga. You keep on reading them and I promise to keep on writing them.

  2. Stephanie, thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the interview. I’ve learned already what a mastermind he is and I look forward to getting to know more of his work.

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