The Voice of Opportunity


I was asked recently by a friend near and dear to me to blog about something that was bothering her at the time(just last week) and I had shared an opinion on it. It is not writing related but because I’m writing it, it still applies I think. Well anyway, this friend and I were discussing how there are people in the world who think they are above others and therefore their interactions speak of their believed superiority. They are typically entitled or at least come off that way and are usually unapproachable. They don’t speak to you like they do with their peers(at least from what you see) and you get the feeling as if you are a commoner encroaching in their perceived elevated territory. They’ve been afforded many inherited privileges. I know these people. You know these people.

So here it is- these people exist and will always exist. Maybe they are oblivious to their behavior but I believe most aren’t but still don’t care. They like who they are and make no apologies for it. I don’t understand it but what really matters to me most, is who I am. Who is Aja?

I’ve encroached in some territories that didn’t quite feel right to me. Not that I couldn’t hang with the big dogs. I could but I tend to appreciate the finery of common folk. I vibe better with the streetwise thinker- the enlightened commoner. It appeals to me more. I can’t say why but it could be because I am common and at the same time anything but. I grew up in an area that housed some of the most fantastic minds yet some of them couldn’t see beyond their own habitat to realize their potential.

While being around these pigeonholed geniuses, I was exposed to an education and plenty of other opportunities (not privileges) that allowed me to see outside of that place into the whole world and enjoy it even if I physically never moved around most of it. The difference is for me and someone who looks down their noses at those folk is that I “got it”. I got how my opportunity made the world a bigger place for me and while I can certainly speak to how many people make their own choices in life that can either take them far or put them deep in the ground, most of the time, those same people who make choices didn’t know there was a multiple choice answer option to their questions. I did. I was given all of the possibilities and instructed very well on the value of thinking it through before circling my answer. I think because of this, my view of those around me includes appreciation for the common( that does not equal simple-minded, just to be clear). Because I am the common one who circled the right choices for me.

Now somehow while writing this, I thought about how this could apply to my writing. As my writing voice evolves, I see my voice sounding much like the common-enlightened person I described myself to be. My words aren’t meant to stand above the heads of those who read it even though I do appreciate books that make me stand a little taller every little once in a while to understand the concept. It’s always good to know that I can reach those levels even if they are sometimes filled with pretense. But I want my words to make anyone think. I want my words to enlighten, expand, entertain and periodically, to spread joy. If you are sweating and falling down trying to grasp my concept then I am not reaching you effectively and that is what I want to do.

There will be some readers that won’t be touched. They may reside in a place where my words don’t matter or they don’t have a keen enough comprehension of what I’m saying. It could just be that I’m TOO common for them but there are plenty other voices out there for them to enjoy. I just need to reach my mark.



9 thoughts on “The Voice of Opportunity

  1. You are so right Aja. “Those people” don’t matter. YOU matter, your voice and its evolution matter. The world is made up of a whole lot more common folk than priviledged, and while you are capable of “hanging” with that company, why would you? Pretense is so tedious – and unnecessary. The audience you appeal to is far more vast, more knowledgeable and appreciative of your gift. Be true to thine self….

  2. This is a sensitive area with people for me as well, but it almost always reflect insecurity on the offender’s behalf. They need the so-called status in order to feel like somebody, and rarely do they bring any good to their community. You just can’t affect people whom you separate yourself from.
    Excellent topic and article. These are the things that need to be addressed in communities today, to bring back the feel and benefit of a true community. Thanks Aja!

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