Too Many Ideas? Say It Isn’t So.


Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus. -Alexander Graham Bell

I went from discussing Writer’s Block a few weeks ago to this mess…

I am in a state of flux and my writing seems to have gone to the same place as the rest of me. I’ve been torn in so many directions, it’s a wonder I know how to continue on with my daily baseline functions and because of this constant state of pulling, my writing has suffered. Or has it?

When I think about it, I’ve had a lot of ideas come out of this period of time, and there is no shortage of inspiration because I’ve actually had a lot of that lately, but my trouble has been maintaining any focus. Those of you that really know me, who know Aja, would agree I’m sure, that focus is usually never a problem for me. I am steadfast, my work ethic when I’m committed to something is incomparable and writing for me once I actually committed to doing it, was just another one of those things. It held my attention and so did my story but lately, all of these ideas fueled by delicious inspiration, keep popping up in my head taking my attention from Faith and Mitch.

How do you know when to pull away from a project to give another your attention? And how do you know that in doing so you won’t be becoming one of those starters but not finishers of projects-an inspirational maniac? Maybe that is why I’m so distressed. I finish the things I start and walking away from something incomplete when inspiration strikes goes against my baser nature. Or does it? Have I changed without receiving a memo? I’m thinking so and now that I’ve come to this realization while sharing my conundrum with you, I’ve decided to just let go, stop fighting it…everything will be alright because I will complete Mitch and Faith’s story in due time. I’m still in love with them as a couple and leaving them stuck in another hotel room after he ordered her to meet him there and she followed the directive, just wouldn’t be right.

So let me get some of this other stuff down with some sort of rough sketch of the storyline and characters so that I can really focus on Faith & Mitch and get them untangled from those sheets and out of the bed into the world to work on their problems.

How do you handle the pull; do you go with it or fight to stay focused?



6 thoughts on “Too Many Ideas? Say It Isn’t So.

  1. I’ve done both–pushed on through, and left it alone. By far, the better outcome is when I leave it alone and let it come back to me in due course. When I force it, the result is something that sounds like just that: forced. But everyone is different. I would say you should do what feels comfortable.

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