Word Challenges

Words can hold such great meaning or they can mean nothing at all.

I’ve always wanted to make my words count, when speaking. The Aja that presents herself in front of others, speaks very rarely. Instead, I observe. I’m the watcher. I see everything, barely missing a beat. I’m not trying, really I’m not. But I usually see it all. My mother would tell you that it was early on that her and my grandmother had to figure out new and interesting ways to keep their adult conversations just between them. They were most concerned with whether I could figure out the spelling of their words. Which I could, VERY early on. I’m sure that was challenging for them, I mean, after a while even having the conversation with all the fail-safes in place must get to be cumbersome… But that really shouldn’t have been their worry because more than words, I valued their actions and I was really just watching them. It was in their body language, their vocal inflections, that I picked up the most information. It was exciting watching their stealth-like methods, all the while following the whole line of conversation. But rather than give my position away, I chose to instead keep quiet. Why, you might ask? Well the most obvious reason was that I wanted to know more. I’ve been coming up with stories since the beginning of my time and their conversations fueled my young imagination. But more importantly, their body language was something to admire and it made them and my imaginary characters more interesting. I couldn’t figure out their purpose in wanting to keep their conversations from me though. It wasn’t such a big deal. They were just words.

Actions speak louder than words.

So in addition to being a people watcher, I also have a photographic memory, more specifically it’s eidetic . My mind takes snapshots of people, places, and things complete with sounds, music playing, scents and if I’m given a reference point (like a sound or a word or scent) I can immediately come up with the other stuff. It helped immensely while in school but trust me when I say, I’m not trying to impress you with that information; it can be a headache, especially given all the things I like to watch. Now add in some characters, you know, those interesting people in my head doing lots of interesting things fueled by all the things I’ve been observing; now that’s a ton of activity going on in my puny little brain.

My challenge has and will always be, getting all of that action going on in my head down on paper with words that hold greater meaning. I could spend years telling you one story because these people go none stop. My memories of them include details that may not be at all interesting to my readers. So learning to write with words, or just one word, that holds great meaning, expressing actions that speak loud and clear, is my challenge. As I embark on this journey of sharing my pieces with you, please share with me whether my words held any meaning to you and whether my character’s actions still spoke loud and clear.



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